I visited the house last Sunday, could not get it out of my mind.  The subtle colours, the pure and rustic materials, the open spaces, faded painting. The perfect balanced rooms kept on visiting my mind. On Monday I lost every picture I took on it. So Tuesday was the perfect day to pay another visit.(what an excuse).
picture source: coco-morocco
"Come on" Hassan said "jump on the scooter". And off we were just some hours before sunset
into the twirling alleys and streets of the Marrakesh Medina. We passed Café Arabe I could see while trying to cling onto the scooter, or was it Hassan? And finally we arrived and magic happened again...I 'm not a professional photographer so there is no way these pictures can show you the magic of the light playing with the walls, nor the million shades of the sand and brick layers that give this place an almost sacral spirit.
It is for sale and I have made myself a promess that I am going to be the one who will find it a new owner...
Built around a large, patio the ground surface is about 200 m2. 3 stairs take you to 3 different parts of the house that can be transferred into 2 large apartments with each one of them a private rooftop terrace. The structure of the house is in good shape.
More info HERE
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco
picture source: coco-morocco


I want to invite you to enjoy the following pictures on a Medina property for sale. Just off the main tourist road, in a small alley this house is fully equipped to become a one of a kind restaurant. The restaurant scene in Essaouira is starting to bloom and trendy spots are lifting this lay-back seaside town to a higher level when it comes to dining. So right on time this property is there to join this select group of fine culinary places.
This French owned riad is for sale and has all necessary permissions for exploitation.
If you want more info,look HERE or a visit please contact me.
Asking price: 390 000 Euro NEW Price: 315 000 Euro

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Until we meet over a minttea!
X Marlène

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Often when we go on holiday in Morocco, we tend to stay in a riad. Riads once were the houses for families where generations lived together en women and men slept separately in the typical long and narrow rooms all centered around the courtyard.

But what can you expect when house hunting?  Well, it all depends... sometimes you can find a ruin and sometimes you are lucky and you run into something like this little pearl! So many beautiful details, I would not change a thing but for the color on the doors.  I would undo them from their varnish and use a deep brown colonial style oil. Just do some basic rewiring and bring in some brown black and white furniture and pottery with plants.   This riad is for sale for 150 000 Euros. Quite a reasonable price for something as beautiful as this...

I absolutely ADORE the paint on the wall!  The wash off effect of it. Hang some major pieces of art and you are ready! Let's move in!


Take a Dutch - Spanish design couple, mix some 1001 nights flavor to it and magic happens!

Style-setting husband and wife duo

Alberto Cortes and Yvonne Hulst

from Ksar, living in Ibiza created this paradise that goes beyond the new wave of modern Moroccan minimalism. They managed to walk the line between Zen and Morocco. This is no easy line but yet, the result is fabulous. Giving traditional about 2,20 m wide rooms this luxurious feeling is not easy but they were successful! The house/hotel is for sale for about 1,2 million Euros and I personally think it is word every Euro.

for more info or

book a stay before you

put down an offer:


They realised to createspace in a narrow room by using rich materials and lots of tone on tones that create depth and space

Even a narrow dining area is luxurious and intimate!

simple but with class, using an old door as decoration!


The heart of a Moroccan riad is the courtyard.
The neutral light colors make these inner yards a nice place to stay on hot summer days before heading for the roof in the evening
 Although most people think they are always open and always with a lot of plants, this is certainly not always the case. When you want to be protected from cool winter nights and mornings, you can add a roof to it, sometimes only in winter, sometimes they are fixed with windows at the side to open. In most riads that are lived in by Moroccan families the courtyard is a place were people just get the light into all the rooms and no special attention is put to the gardening. 
But I must admit that I love them open and planted with trees and turned into a eye resting center part of the home. where you can sense all seasons of the year and get the perfect ventilation.
What a difference! twice an inner yard but one planted with trees gives this lush feeling while the other one has so much potential to turn it into this haven of serenity

again an example on a potential nice courtyard and creme shades to use

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1. Riad in Fez (Fes)  2. Home outside Marrakesh 3.Moroccan style terrace.
As Days get longer and a little warmer, it is time to get the terrace or the patio summer proof again. I'm in love with the lanterns and the hanging lamps we have here in Morocco and I use them everywhere. With a lamp or a candle in it, they are very adjustable and you can use them inside as well.
Look how wellthe blend with different interior styles from Scandinavia to Africa and add this little magical shimmer in any interior. Do you see yourself launging ?
1. Kitchen of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani 2. Pinterest 3. Moroccan inspired room

1. the Selman Marrakesh 2. Peacock Paviljons Marrakesh 3. Pinterest

1. herz-allerliebst  2. Mamounia Marrakesh 3.Pinterest

1 2 inspiring bedrooms. 1. is a typical Moroccan sized chambre with a size of between 1,9 and 2,20m wide.

1. Pinterest 2. palmilla restaurant California I LOVE this one! 3 Moroccan copper lamps, the most expensive ones...:(

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Sometimes you see a picture and you keep it.
For some reason this photo starts to fill more and more of your thoughts and you want to know the whole story...

Does this sound familiar?
Well it happened to me with this picture above and as I had decided  (secretly) that I wanted to start renovating my own Riad or Dar and have my own beautiful innergarden where I could enjoy sunny Morocco, I kept this image as a 'nice to have' example.
Today I finally happened to run into the missing part of the whole story and I think it is such a lovely renovation that I wanted to share it with you.

A little about the house:
London born German Philomena Schurer Merckoll who has finally settled in New York after trying out various cities including Paris, Dublin Marrakesh and Berlin bought the house after her visit to Marrakesh in 2005.
Not finding what she was looking for Swiss designer Romain Michel-Menière, was contacted and the result you can enjoy in the pictures.

 if you want to book the Riad HERE

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When you walk the Medina in Essaouira, or Marrakesh or any town in Morocco. You know you pass treasures without knowing....
This feeling I got too when I saw Emma's little jewel!
The good thing is, you can rent it for a holiday, and the other good thing is, you can create this look at home!
Combining the best of Scandinavian and Moroccan style.
not sure how? Contact me HERE
Want to see more about the house. click HERE


Time to sit down relax and enjoy some beauty.
What about those beautiful Arabic doors  that take you on an instant holiday for some minutes?

With thanks to pinterest.com and houzz.com

In the streets of the medina, a door is often the only way to express what you can expect inside...

Even tijd om lekker achterover te genieten van het aankomende weekend.
Even wegdromen op een instant shorttrip van enkel minuten bij deze prachtige Marokkaanse deuren...

Met dank aan pinterest.com en houzz.com

In de steegjes van de medina, de deur is vaak de enige mogelijkheid om uit te drukken wat je binnen te wachten staat...


Wandering the narrow streets of the Medina, you pass treasures without knowing it. Sometimes , when you are blessed, you might catch a glimp of what lies behind....

Let me take you to this Renovation to show you the secret of a century old house in the Medina of Essaouira.
And believe me, if you want something like this? I know just the palace, in a structural perfect condition, that is resting , as a sleeping beauty, waiting to be awakened by her prince and shine again, Insha'Allah...