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Meisjes, wij houden van een beetje kleur nietwaar?

Maak een statement met één van de prachtige tassen uit de soeks hier. Ik krijg als speurder voor trendy items vaak foto's doorgestuurd van prachtige dingen die helaas niet hier gemaakt worden. Vandaar dat ik een moodboard heb klaargemaakt voor jullie met wat er WEL te vinden is.

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Girls, raise your hand if you're in for some colour!

Make that statement with one of these treasures from the souks. As a product sourcer I often get people sending me pictures on what they want. Often I have to disappoint them while I can see it's no Moroccan patterns or finishing details. show you what you DO can expect here, I made this little moodboard to show and inspire you.

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And if you get inspired....drop us a line :) using our new pop up frame to make it easyyyyyyy.

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Beauty and architecture, is there a difference? I guess not, and if there were then they are both running through my veins :). 
When I 'm not out there somewhere in Essaouira or Marrakech, I 'm hunting the internet and (YES, there goes my time)  ALWAYS happy for every little gem I discover.

So one day I found Kasbah Gousteau, among another Belgian pearl in the Taroudant region and I got an invitation from the owner, who is running also a guesthouse in Bruges - Belgium. It took me one year but finally, on our latest ladies tour, WE MADE IT!!!
And boy what a welcome! We were received like queens by Abdel who was speaking almost perfect Flemish (Limburgs?!).
The Kasbah, rebuilt some 6 years ago with a lot of attention for detail offers 5 rooms, a swimming pool with jacuzzi area, magnificent terraces, inner gardens and all is so beautifully styled with art collected from all over the globe! Every room was a discovery and the evening at the candle-lit terrace was a perfect ending of a perfect day!


1. Riad in Fez (Fes)  2. Home outside Marrakesh 3.Moroccan style terrace.
As Days get longer and a little warmer, it is time to get the terrace or the patio summer proof again. I'm in love with the lanterns and the hanging lamps we have here in Morocco and I use them everywhere. With a lamp or a candle in it, they are very adjustable and you can use them inside as well.
Look how wellthe blend with different interior styles from Scandinavia to Africa and add this little magical shimmer in any interior. Do you see yourself launging ?
1. Kitchen of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani 2. Pinterest 3. Moroccan inspired room

1. the Selman Marrakesh 2. Peacock Paviljons Marrakesh 3. Pinterest

1. herz-allerliebst  2. Mamounia Marrakesh 3.Pinterest

1 2 inspiring bedrooms. 1. is a typical Moroccan sized chambre with a size of between 1,9 and 2,20m wide.

1. Pinterest 2. palmilla restaurant California I LOVE this one! 3 Moroccan copper lamps, the most expensive ones...:(

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