Defining the right items to shop for your interior, your shop, or simply finding the best addresses for manufacturing. The city of Marrakech, it all can be overwhelming in many ways.

The culture, the sounds, the overload on impressions of colours, scents and sales in the Medina often result in despair to find this unique item or a reliable workshop to manufacture. Not knowing where to turn and the different stories you hear from salesmen wanting to convince you that they have exactly what you need, make it all worse...Storytelling and getting the deal is a natural and essential part of the culture.
And besides this, they master 'time'... Something we always seem to lack.
Dealing with and understanding another culture, without neglecting your own values is essential to any sourcing and shopping experience in Morocco.

During my years in Morocco, I learned, I observed and ..I drunk tea (loads of tea) trying to understand the unwritten rules of how to make a deal with respect for local habits and culture.


  • taking away the stress of not knowing where to go.

  • being free to look around and not feeling pushed into buying anything.

  • giving you 'post-shopping' service for shipping and export.

  • and help you to refocus on what it is you REALLY intended to buy (we told you, it can get overwhelming)

The Marrakech market and beyond is our playground. We keep on sourcing and updating every day!

What to expect:

Advice: (optional)
When you book a 'Sourcing and Styling Tour' well in advance, we will communicate by mail, skype or a platform that suites you in order to know as much as possible about your wishes and your expectations.
If we feel it's appropriate, we do some research in advance.
Once you are in Marrakech, we make an appointment at your hotel and we set a 3 hours time slot for a one on one consulting. 

Sourcing and Acquisitioning:
The actual tour takes, depending on your needs and available time, 3 to 6 hours.
We suggest the most appropriate shops or areas for you but feel free to enter any place to discuss an item that gets your attention. We have a good view on the market (quality and price wise and can assist you on any location of your choice)

Shipping: (additional)
I you wish, we can handle everything else for you. Shipping, papers, customs...
Even if you purchase later on during your stay. We can collect and ship door to door if you want.
For wholesale dealers, we can make special offers on container shipment. 


Areas that we explore:

  • Marché aux puces

  • Meet the makers! We have a growing list of places where you can meet the creators behind all this beauty

  • The industrial area with a growing number of young talent

  • A selection of fine boutiques and collections in the souks to discover the best in Moroccan craftsmanship.

No time to come to Marrakech?

We can perfectly source long distance for you!
Thanks to Skype, WhatsApp and mail we communicate, give you an al-in fee for our service and source for you.
photos, prices, condition of vintage products...we all communicate this online, before getting your shipment out!