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Forget Comfortzones

It's a Cross-Cultural jungle out there!


You don’t ‘do’ the souks like your local super market.
Learn the art and step into this ‘other’ way of shopping.

Why a price never is ‘just’ a price.
Why you should trust your guts.
The importance of relationships and networking.
The way to turn any deal into a win-win



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if you share with me the love for handmade.
If you want to explore your designer skills.
if you want to discover the areas behind the souks
3 days with workshops in pottery, weaving and basket making.
3 days of exploring the areas that tourists don’t see.
2 days of fully exploring all areas in the Medina with me and my favourite guide

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Where this bowl is made?

High up in the High Atlas, South of Marrakech…

High up in the mountains, where the walnut trees are growing, people are used to treasure every little piece. Waiste is a word that’s hardly known. The smallest rest of a giant tree is used to create every day items (like the cute spoons). When it comes to shaping the form of those bowle, it takes many hours.
While we hardly have time to look at one minute of this film, it takes them about 2 hours or more to finish the basic…
Then it’s the women’s turn to send them, one by one. So many hands and lives that has touched the piece before it ends in a kitchen somewhere!

Whenever you have the opportunity, sit down beside a craftsman and watch the process.
Through Your bowl of breakfast you will connect again, every time.


There’s so much more to sourcing than running the souks, in search for something hip and new. Looking and understanding the difference in quality. Teaching workers about accepted deviations! (and what’s NOT)…

Join us on one of our retreats, where we not only teach you about conscious shopping but learn you the fineprint why a blanket is not just a blanket, a rug not just a rug…


my grandfather, my uncle, my iconic great grand aunt...they were all Africa travellers. Making me think as a little girl that every home was filled with odd smelling, colourful carpets, magic lamps and drums to carry messages from a far away continent...Africa is in my DNA and you too can benefit from it!