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Three days filled with shopping in Essaouira together with Mr. and Mrs. M.

It started with the booking of Hotel l'Heure Bleue. And it kind of ended there too :).
Mr. M. has an addiction for small statues of women and Mrs. M. loves to take home food and beauty related products.
Have a look at some of the things we bought.

orange blossom shower gel from 'Les Sens de Marrakech'

We made a choice for the cement tiles that they are going to introduce in their new to build house.

We bought some colorful led free bowls in white and magenta

Meanwhile we visited the hotel Mumtaz Mahal and I showed them a wonderful renovation and probably their next place to stay when visiting Essaouira.

We bought a wonderful fruit tray from the Tamegroute area.
some delicious bottles of wine which they got addicted to in the hotel.

A really exclusive vintage Boucherouite in wool.
and finally we ended back where we started.
in the bar of l'Heure Bleue,
but not before I promised them... 

 a set of my new line of bedding. in White and Black with some Moroccan flair!

And oh yes, we did found a lovely statue on a sitting lady all in white and black. But we keep this one a secret for now...

Bye Mr and Mrs M. Thank you  for enjoying my shopping assistance.


So it's here. The first heatwave for this year is rolling all over Morocco.

A good time to look a little closer on what we can do to get some refreshment.
Water fountains are a decorative way to bring the sound of water into a riad. Almost instantly temperature seem to get down by some degrees when you here this. Seeing the birds taking a bath in it in the early morning or the late evening is better then watching TV.
Enjoy, dream away and don't let the heatwave get you!

For more inspiration visit HERE


Ever been to a hammam in Morocco?
source: friso-oost

Well you should. It is not only pampering your body and soul, but it is most of the time of a astonishing architecture.
Hamams are most of the time made out of mosaic from zelliges or in this other Moroccan craft; tadelakt


1. Riad in Fez (Fes)  2. Home outside Marrakesh 3.Moroccan style terrace.
As Days get longer and a little warmer, it is time to get the terrace or the patio summer proof again. I'm in love with the lanterns and the hanging lamps we have here in Morocco and I use them everywhere. With a lamp or a candle in it, they are very adjustable and you can use them inside as well.
Look how wellthe blend with different interior styles from Scandinavia to Africa and add this little magical shimmer in any interior. Do you see yourself launging ?
1. Kitchen of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani 2. Pinterest 3. Moroccan inspired room

1. the Selman Marrakesh 2. Peacock Paviljons Marrakesh 3. Pinterest

1. herz-allerliebst  2. Mamounia Marrakesh 3.Pinterest

1 2 inspiring bedrooms. 1. is a typical Moroccan sized chambre with a size of between 1,9 and 2,20m wide.

1. Pinterest 2. palmilla restaurant California I LOVE this one! 3 Moroccan copper lamps, the most expensive ones...:(

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How Marrakesh' design fits in well with cool Scandinavian architecture

One of my favorite area's in Stockholm is sure Östermalm. It's chic, it's trendy, it has all the right shops and it has Strandvägen and the little tram line to Djurgården.
So no wonder I had to post this apartment for sale and get it on my list with favorite places to live!
Want to see if it fits your budget? Have a look HERE!( the link does no longer work as this beauty is off the market for a long time)
want some advice on how to transform your house into this eclectic style?
contact me HERE
PS. You can buy it for me too. Feel free ad thx in advance.