shopping the marrakech souks

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Ik kan jullie zo 5 redenen geven om je luie gat richting Marrakech te bewegen

1) omdat het november is en een straaltje Marokkaanse warme zon heel erg welkom is.

2) omdat je eigenlijk nooit een reden nodig hebt om te reizen!

3) En hallooo, het is hier wel AFRIKA hé!

4) het exotische karakter valt absoluut niet te onderschatten...

5)Het zou wel eens goedkoper en veel meer fun kunnen zijn om dat ticket te boeken en te onderhandelen in de soeks, dan dure wijn te drinken in je luie zetel bij de haard terwijl je online zit te kopen.

I can give you five good reasons to get your lazy but on a plane to Marrakech.

1) because it's November and you could do with some sun.

2) because there is always a reason to travel

3) because héj! THIS IS AFRICA. not just any place on earth!

4) it's exotic beyond imagination

5) it might be cheaper to book a trip and get the fun on bargaining out here then to order and ship in your lazy corner in front of the fireplace.

Je hebt geen idee wat te kopen?

Dus waarom zou je er nog maar aan denken om de marsepijn en de tapas aan de kant te schuiven?

En net daar komen wij met de redding! Wij zijn altijd op jacht naar gemakkelijk te pakken en 'redelijk' gemakkelijk te onderhandelen items.

Beschouw het als een starterspack: 'shopping in de souks'

you have no idea what to shop?

So why bother to even think about coming from behind that glass of glue wine when you don't know what to expect out there?

Now that's what we did for you! Trendhunting the souks to see what's hot, easy to pack and has a fair level of 'how do I negotiate the price'.  Let's consider it a starter

The best, hottest items lined up for you:

handira poof

shopping the marrakech souks

Forget about the handira* and say HELLO handira poof.  It's hot, and even I needed a change after being bombed with handira blankets over the past 4 years.  The poof is THE new handira IT thing.  Basta!

ponpon blankets

shopping the marrakech souks

when it has a ponpon, it's IN. It does not matter.  After the sequins, some clever Moroccan came one sunny day with a ponpon and voilà (pardon my french) EVERYTHING has a ponpon nowadays. However, keep it stylish and go for a nice wool blanket with ponpons. After all you will return to the bitter cold when you get back on that plane don't you?

goat fur babouches

shopping the marrakech souks

- Say hello to the IT shoe*.  We soooo love the hairy scary ones. I swear, you might think they run off by themselves.  COOL!! (and warm too 😚)

colourful baskets

shopping the marrakech souks

- And why don't we dare to go for some colour? Be honest, running around here in Marrakech will get you at a critical point of colour overload.  But, you will NOT be able to resist it. You will come home in your gray white wood Nordic inspired home and OMG there you are with this flashy pink and green basket. I know the feeling. You will first want to hide it from your friends. But then, you realise it looks STUNNING. Well done! you passed your comfort zone!!

anything with colour and bling to impress

shopping the marrakech souks

 - everyone has these nieces, uncles, mothers in law that one wants to impress, but not in spite of anything.  And yep, once again, we have you covered!  While hunting the souks for what really matters 😝 you just grab left and right and all these beautiful, colourful, pink and purple, shiny things for about 1 to 10 euro, pile up and...everybody is happy!

* handira: traditional Moroccan wedding blanket. Used as a cape by the bride on her wedding.

* it shoe: Babouches seem to be hot and trending. If you tell this to a Moroccan at the street he will look at you with a face as if he had known it all along...

   article by Marlène Pauly

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MARRAKECH - Shopping tour for hot days

With temperatures above 43 degrees C. being usual in July and August you might want to bring in a healthy dose of 'pool', 'lazy nothing' and 'people watching' in your stay in Marrakech this summer!

My program for two American ladies coming from a

yoga retreat in Essaouira

and in an urge for some last minute shopping and relaxing by the pool in the beautiful

La Mamounia

where they are staying...

Met temperaturen die op een dag gemiddeld niet onder de 43 graden gaan in juli en augustus is het aangeraden om de nodige porties 'zwembad', 'niksen' en 'luiweg mensen begapen' in het plan in te lassen!

Mijn shopping tour voor twee Amerikaanse dames die na een yoga retreatje in Essaouira nog even de portemoné willen laten wapperen in de Medina van Marrakech en die laatste 'must haves' ook willen combineren met luieren aan de pool van La Mamounia...Je betaalt er tenslotte voor hé!

Best hours to be active

before 11 a.m.

after 6-7 p.m.


After Arrival around 11.30 a.m.  check in at the hotel and take a taxi to DAR BACHA.

Enter the Medina (8) along the palace and passing

hotel Palais Donab


There are a hand full of nice shops in this street and some old Foundouks ( the former hotels for the tradesman in the early days, now turned into shops, tourist office etc… (in the film

Hideous Kinky

you can see the spirit of these foundouks as it used to be in the sixties)

Walk all the way to (6) the restaurant

le Jardin

where it should be a little fresher to sit and have lunch in a lush garden. (it's a very small entrence but it is stunningly beautiful inside)A must visit while there anyway: ;) ;) 

Noria Ayron

has her concept store inside the patio on the first floor.

After Lunch take a walk (just around the corner) to the best placeupcoming street in the Marrakech Medina with creative design and clothing (7)

You can find the concept store of


Morocco ( one of the designers is often there on Saturdays, when not in Ibiza promoting his new store). In this street, you'll find several new brands and do visit the corner shop of

Sarah Maj

opposite. An Italian designer that I can highly recommend.

Still feelng fresh enough after this? Ask for the directions to


(don't mix it up with CAFE DES EPICES!!)

Terrace des épices offers on two floors lovely design , not cheap and not all 100% original but a lot of goodies for real shopaholics at one place. The rooftop has a nice terrace for a drink or lunch but on hot days I think it's not a good option.

Go back to Dar Bacha and take a taxi back to the hotel to enjoy the afternoon by the pool.


meaning tea cookies goodies and the best things La Mamounia has to offer you ladies ;) 


At about 6.30 p.m.

Take a taxi to DAR BACHA again and this time, walk to (4)

Le Jardin Secret


If it's calm, ask if the owner is around if you want to have a first-hand guidance! He might just do that!

Le Jardin secret closes at 8 p.m. and that is just the right time to cross the street to

Café Arabe

(3) to have a drink at the rooftop.

I do not suggest you have dinner there as I do not like it.

Dinner options:



- be sure to makereservations before


El Fenn

- be sure to makereservations before

Both would be best booked some days in advance….

From El Fenn, it's easy (along the outside of the Medina wall) to go to

place Jemaa el Fnaa

(2) to soak up the nightlife with a stroll and a coffee

From there take a taxi back to the hotel.

Sunday morning - if you manage, get up early and be around 8 at

Jardin Majorel

. It is THE BEST TIME to visit Majorel gardens before going to the airport. 

It would take you one hour or max 1,5 hour to visit.

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Three days filled with shopping in Essaouira together with Mr. and Mrs. M.

It started with the booking of Hotel l'Heure Bleue. And it kind of ended there too :).
Mr. M. has an addiction for small statues of women and Mrs. M. loves to take home food and beauty related products.
Have a look at some of the things we bought.

orange blossom shower gel from 'Les Sens de Marrakech'

We made a choice for the cement tiles that they are going to introduce in their new to build house.

We bought some colorful led free bowls in white and magenta

Meanwhile we visited the hotel Mumtaz Mahal and I showed them a wonderful renovation and probably their next place to stay when visiting Essaouira.

We bought a wonderful fruit tray from the Tamegroute area.
some delicious bottles of wine which they got addicted to in the hotel.

A really exclusive vintage Boucherouite in wool.
and finally we ended back where we started.
in the bar of l'Heure Bleue,
but not before I promised them... 

 a set of my new line of bedding. in White and Black with some Moroccan flair!

And oh yes, we did found a lovely statue on a sitting lady all in white and black. But we keep this one a secret for now...

Bye Mr and Mrs M. Thank you  for enjoying my shopping assistance.


Ever been to a hammam in Morocco?
source: friso-oost

Well you should. It is not only pampering your body and soul, but it is most of the time of a astonishing architecture.
Hamams are most of the time made out of mosaic from zelliges or in this other Moroccan craft; tadelakt


Moroccan Boucherouites. These carpets really can lift your interior from average to waw. Especially the vintage ones are real art pieces. I made a collage here from 3 of our items in stock. You might think they will only work in Moroccan colorful interiors but I want to show you they will lift any interior as long as they are chosen well.
If you think about buying one, I would be happy to assist you in choosing one that fits your home and your needs. Get in contact and we can work out the colors that would give your room a kick.

Make a statement with a vintage carpet!