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True – Authentic – Simple: VILLA MAROC ESSAOUIRA

Take an old stylish building, paint it white (almost) mix in some colonial style and lots of vintage handmade Moroccan decor pieces and what do you get?

Villa Maroc


What makes villa Maroc so different from the rest is the way they combine comfort with authenticity.

 Today’s travellers are kind of done with the standardised comfort and convenience hotels offer. They are looking for a true and authentic experience.

For the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. Time is the new luxury more so then money. Time and authenticity. Two elements that mingle at villa Maroc.

If the word 'Bohemian' defines this style, then Villa Maroc must have been with the ones that created this style...

What are you waiting for :) ? time to book...

pictures: by


and by Villa Maroc

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I've been wanting to do this post for a long time. A post about taking things in own hand and simply start to build your bed, kitchen, terrace seating area and a lot more...Often 'minimalistic and zen' is confused with sleek design. But ask me and I tell you zen and minimalism can be with a touch of imperfection...not sleek, not shining, not cold but warm,relaxing and inviting...Time to get these bricks and some plaster and create!
Let me prove it to you with these impressions.
I've been trying to find the original sources for these wonderful ideas but as far as the isle of Santorini or photographer Christos Drazos for some pictures was all I could find. So please if you know more about any of these pictures, comment in the box or mail me!

Coco-Morocco for Rebali Riads


Traditional Moroccan techniques, design and materials. Brought together in a totaly contemporary mix. We are blessed here being able to still have so much craftsmanship around to produce this kind of beauty in a breath taking scenery.

Studioko brought it all together in house E, situated in the Ourika valley, near Marrakesh ! This designer and architecture studio is in for some more amazing architecture and interior design and they were in charge of the styling on one of my favorite "hang-out / sit and observe / eat splendid food / drink good wine and enjoy" spot. Café de la Poste in Marrakesh.

If you are a lover of modern architecture! visit their site and ENJOY.

Villa e - Ourika - Maroc
mars 2013

Design by Studioko
Photos by Dan Glasser


Meet the owner:

This month we go all the way to beautiful Melbourne to meet Aussie Colleen who is a lover of colour, texture, print, art, interiors, recyclage, music and travel…..
She is a lucky woman as she is fortunate to be able to indulge herself in all these loves through her work designing jewellery, furniture, clothing,  interiors….and to run a tour business focused in Morocco….ROAMLIKEQUEENS.  
Colleen lives eight months of the year in the warmth of Essaouira, Morocco designing fun filled tours, mainly for women, and also for couples and other interest groups, and then the other four months of the year in Melbourne, Australia at her summer house. 

one of Colleen's creations: the upcycled vintage sjawl that you can find here

Meet the home:

This summer house was originally a 1950's garage and studio, that she recently converted into a living/working space…..with loads of decking for outdoor entertaining, nights spent around an outdoor fire pit, raised garden boxes full of fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables to pick and the constant whistle of native parrots, garden birds and night owls to hear. 
Colleen; "I designed my space by up-cycling as much as I possibly could, keeping my costs down and my visual delight of vintage high!  My kitchen is lined with old 1970's advertising signage, my work bench and sink is an old carpenters bench, my dining table an old gun loading table from a rifle club, my dining chairs made from weathered farm fencing, my funky lounge furniture found in charity shops and many other treasured pieces found on council hard rubbish piles.  I see myself as the new custodian/guardian of other peoples' trash!……cringing at the thought of them finding their way to the local tipping station and being crushed into small, indecipherable pieces by a bulldozer!  I soooo love my new space, I walk to my kitchen every morning via the soft crush of cool grass under my feet.  I say hello to my roses.  I pick some flowers and herbs.  Then I settle quietly with breakfast in my salvaged butterfly chair to watch the birds and the blue, blue sky…a blissful little summer house it is"

To get in contact with Colleen:
Colleen Cassar
Roam Like Queens Womens' Travel to Morocco - AUSTRALIA

Untill we meet over a glass of mint tea
X Marlene

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I must have been about 12 years old crying my eyes out because my parents wouldn't allow me a bed made out of pallets. Now, many many years later I 'm still in love with pallets. And to prove I was right already then, I 'll show you that you CAN furnish your home entirely with pallets. I don't say you should, but hey it's an option when your hubby is promising you more then he is willing to deliver ;)
So have a look and get inspired by what these people DID were allowed to do! 

After all, they are not dum, they are creative!

Combining pallets with a lot of basic neutral colors like shades of white and grey and modern minimalistic lamps, chairs and carpets can work verry well...Look at these next examples to prove it!
Do you have a nice pallet project yourself? Feel free to post it!

If you want to find more inspiration on using pallets click HERE, and HERE
Source for the pictures and a lot more great ideas: HERE


Is 2014 the moment for getting your home finally the way you want it?
Start with these 3 easy tips before heading to the store. It costs you nothing but saves you a disappointment in the end.

TIP 1: Pick a theme.

Before you start you probably have already a long list of favorite interior, on Pinterest, in your favorite magazines or even your favorite soap might inspire you!
Now let's look at them and see what they have in common. Can you define it? Do you see what it is that makes you think "I wish I would live there!"

Are you the African Nomad or the Scandinavian Cool type?
Is vintage your thing or after all Parisian chic?

When picking a theme don't think things like "I can't afford this" or "it will take too much of my time". If you want to get it, it will sure take time but everything you achieve will make you proud and more at ease in you own nest.
Pick this theme and start imagining your room when it is finished!

Parisian chic with a touch of vintage

Scandinavian white with vintage elements

vintage minimalism

warm sunny out of Africa

You can see already from these examples that I have a weakness for vintage stuff. but let's talk about you! Have you found your style?

TIP 2: Pick a color scheme.

Now here it goes easy :). when choosing a theme, often the theme already implements some basic colors and that is what we want to do here. Choosing the BASIC colors.
When you opt for Parisian chic, this implements black, white and wood colors, the gold and silver elements can come later.
African look has bright shades of orange purples and reds but you do want to keep it a little modest for the walls and the floors so you go for muddy brown tones, off whites and sand.
Swedish styles often use white on white tones with grey and natural wood.... 
choose your color scheme in harmony with your theme without going too bold on the colors.

The colors from Flamant and Benjamin Moore are my favorites. You can so easily combine and get these great results!

Well it may sound simple but the further you get in your decorating job, the harder it will be. Don't go for second choice because you think your first pick is too expensive. Leave both and wait till you find something that you can pay for and that looks absolute wonderful. Be creative and look at flee markets (vintage) ;) or try to paint an old chair so that it fits....
But never take something that looks nice in the shop but that really does not has any relation to the theme you choose for, it will both cost you money and ruins your final picture...

Still doubting what to go for?
If you think you will get major out of track, you can always ask me, send me a picture with your doubts or questions. I will be happy to help out if possible. 


Moroccan Boucherouites. These carpets really can lift your interior from average to waw. Especially the vintage ones are real art pieces. I made a collage here from 3 of our items in stock. You might think they will only work in Moroccan colorful interiors but I want to show you they will lift any interior as long as they are chosen well.
If you think about buying one, I would be happy to assist you in choosing one that fits your home and your needs. Get in contact and we can work out the colors that would give your room a kick.

Make a statement with a vintage carpet!


Sometimes small things make the difference and you need some changes in your home don't you? ...Like these nice hardware door and drawer buttons I discovered.



if you are like I am, in love with black and white, then restaurant Le 7
by Bruno Ussel and Stephen di Renza in Fez is just a must visit.

I heard it is going or has been going through some rough times and I really hope it is still open and running. Beside the great food, it is such a wonderful example of stylish Moroccan architecture and another great restaurant in Fez. It is there I also discovered the work of photographer Maimouna Guerresi .

Maimouna often reflects African culture into her work. I'm totally in love with these longated profiles and one of her works is on my wishlist for quite some time already.

google search restaurant le 7


Moroccan design: mosaic 05
Moroccan design: mosaic 05 (Photo credit: aworkpl)

If you think about the picture above when you hear the word Morocco, it's time to wake up and see what great popular design is created here.
Enjoy the work of the ladies in the Coopérative art de Fes and you must admit there is still a lot of craftsmanship in this country. A great way to promote these works is to use them in decorating ancient old riads for tourists. A simple and effective way to open their eyes and let them go home with exclusive souvenirs. There are more and more small cooperatives that want to give another twist to Moroccan design and using recycled goods from plastic bags to car tires make this design unique but still widely unknown.

Enjoy Marlène