built in furniture


I've been wanting to do this post for a long time. A post about taking things in own hand and simply start to build your bed, kitchen, terrace seating area and a lot more...Often 'minimalistic and zen' is confused with sleek design. But ask me and I tell you zen and minimalism can be with a touch of imperfection...not sleek, not shining, not cold but warm,relaxing and inviting...Time to get these bricks and some plaster and create!
Let me prove it to you with these impressions.

I've been trying to find the original sources for these wonderful ideas but as far as the isle of Santorini or photographer Christos Drazos for some pictures was all I could find. So please if you know more about any of these pictures, comment in the box or mail me!


Coco-Morocco for Rebali Riads