help for dummies


I must have been about 12 years old crying my eyes out because my parents wouldn't allow me a bed made out of pallets. Now, many many years later I 'm still in love with pallets. And to prove I was right already then, I 'll show you that you CAN furnish your home entirely with pallets. I don't say you should, but hey it's an option when your hubby is promising you more then he is willing to deliver ;)
So have a look and get inspired by what these people DID were allowed to do! 

After all, they are not dum, they are creative!

Combining pallets with a lot of basic neutral colors like shades of white and grey and modern minimalistic lamps, chairs and carpets can work verry well...Look at these next examples to prove it!
Do you have a nice pallet project yourself? Feel free to post it!

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Source for the pictures and a lot more great ideas: HERE