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I've been wanting to do this post for a long time. A post about taking things in own hand and simply start to build your bed, kitchen, terrace seating area and a lot more...Often 'minimalistic and zen' is confused with sleek design. But ask me and I tell you zen and minimalism can be with a touch of imperfection...not sleek, not shining, not cold but warm,relaxing and inviting...Time to get these bricks and some plaster and create!
Let me prove it to you with these impressions.
I've been trying to find the original sources for these wonderful ideas but as far as the isle of Santorini or photographer Christos Drazos for some pictures was all I could find. So please if you know more about any of these pictures, comment in the box or mail me!

Coco-Morocco for Rebali Riads


Today I want to guide you to get a little Moroccan corner in your house. The picture taken at riad el fenn is a nice one for a simple do it yourself.

 First we start with the list on products and items you want to get, either in Morocco on a holiday, either on the web, where sites like Etsy can get you a long way! Remember that prices are often down to half on what you pay online, depending on your negotiation skills. But as important is to source your item. Your support can make a difference to women at the country side. Supporting their families with their magnificant handcrafted items...

1 - white cotton curtains
2 - tassels
3 - Moroccan daybed
4 - fabric to cover the mattress
5 - kelim cushions
6 - kelim carpet



Moroccan daybed:
A Moroccan daybed is something you easily make yourself. It's a pallet of 1,90m by 60cm or 1,90m by 80cm . Depending on if you like a deep sofa or not. If you take a size of 80cm by 2m, it is easy to put on a normal size mattress so this saves you on looking for custom made sizes. The front and the sides of these beds are often nicely finished with a carved wood panel


Cushions :


good luck!