Marrakech, Marrakesh

people hate you, people love you.
There is no easy way to describe you,
there is no way but to live you

This is about the feeling I have about Marrakesh, it's warm (too)
There's pollution everywhere,
scooters crossing the Medina at the speed of light,
busses, horses, donkeys scooters and people hurry around in a magic mix,

But what a power this city vibrates.
No better way for me to discover this then the roof terrace of Le Cafe Arabe.

Don't go there for the food because I think there are far better alternatives.
Don't go there for the service because I think it is the over polished kind of.
But I return again and again at all hours of day or night for the magic vibe...
The Red city vibe.

interior: ****
food: **
ambiance: ****
price /quality: **
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