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I'm not a salesman, I'm not even a sales-woman.       So why and how did I end up in Real Estate?

It must be a combination of my profound love for old buildings. Buildings with a story, a history. Or it could be my curiosity to look behind Medina doors in Morocco. It could also be my urge to make people happy. Because for me, there is nothing more fulfilling then give people a home feeling. Both in creating architecture and in searching for the 'right fit' when it comes to buying a house. 

A right fit can be finding the perfect home for a house hunter. But it also means finding the right destination and purpose for an ancient building.  Or the ideal stay in a riad when on holiday...

My heart takes a little jump when this works out. It's my passion. It's what makes me run around in the Medina. It's the trigger in all my photos and most of all it's the smile on my face when I succeed.

Succeed in making it a deal that has something in it for everyone.

Like for these two


Belgians from

Food & Friends

that invited me to Le Jardin in Marrakech. Le Jardin is not for sale, nor for hire but it's a place you don't want to miss out on when you visit Marrakech!!!

And don't forget to pass by the shop of one of the most stylish designers in Marrakech.  When I say one of the most, I mean exactly this, the area around le Jardin is loaded with stylish designer shops. From Max & Jan to the designer level at Terrace des Epices. 

So, what are you waiting for to get unique design at a H&M price?

Until we meet over a minttea!



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The secret Gardens of the Marrakesh Medina.

Running around for a day in the Medina of Marrakesh makes you not only feel dirty and covered with a layer excisiting of sand, dust it also migh leave you with the impression that besides a million shades of ochre and pink there is not much more to 'living' in the Medina.
How wrong this thought is and how surprising when entering a door of a riad...
On my search for the ultimate green in the Medina of Marrakesh, I kind of stumbled upon Riad Madani.
Seeing the garden of Riad Madani it is a delight. Not easy to capture this in picture but Stéphane Morgant has mastered the green inner space of over 1000 m2. Not only is the garden one of a kind. The whole riad breaths this kind of peace and timeless glamour with art around every corner to distract the eye and makes you want to wander around....

Als je een hele dag in de Medina van Marrakech rondloopt voel je je niet alleen stoffig en vuil, maar heb je ook de indruk dat er buiten miljoenen tinten oker en roze, niet veel anders te beleven valt op gebied van wonen.
Hoe bedriegelijk dat is merk je als je een riad binnengaat...
En op mijn zoektocht naar het ultieme groen in de Medina struikelde ik als het ware over riad Madani. Een oase van 1000 m2 groen.
Wat meteen over je heen komt bij het betreden van deze tuin van Eden is rust. En naarmate de tijd verstrijkt en je in die heerlijke ontspannen sfeer weer wat oog voor de omgeving krijgt merk je dat er heel wat te beleven en ontdekken valt.

Op een steenworp van het plein en vlak bij de levendige Derb Dabachi.
Een plek waar je mij alvast altijd mag uitnodigen, al was het om te house-sitten ;)


Sometimes you see a picture and you keep it.
For some reason this photo starts to fill more and more of your thoughts and you want to know the whole story...

Does this sound familiar?
Well it happened to me with this picture above and as I had decided  (secretly) that I wanted to start renovating my own Riad or Dar and have my own beautiful innergarden where I could enjoy sunny Morocco, I kept this image as a 'nice to have' example.
Today I finally happened to run into the missing part of the whole story and I think it is such a lovely renovation that I wanted to share it with you.

A little about the house:
London born German Philomena Schurer Merckoll who has finally settled in New York after trying out various cities including Paris, Dublin Marrakesh and Berlin bought the house after her visit to Marrakesh in 2005.
Not finding what she was looking for Swiss designer Romain Michel-Menière, was contacted and the result you can enjoy in the pictures.

 if you want to book the Riad HERE

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l'Heure Bleu in Essaouira - my favorite spot for apero time
Moroccan inner gardens and roof top terraces.... 
An essential element in the architecture as well as in daily living. 
I thought sharing my favorite ones in the Essaouira and Marrakesh area with you! 
Enjoy and get inspired in creating a little corner at home!
it's all about green plants, Moroccan lamps, carpets and the right color setting.
If you want any help in getting the style, contact me HERE

Hotel villa Maroc in Essaouira
These 4 photo's are on Dar Hanana in Marrakesh. Managed for several years by my friend Mandy Sinclair
Dar Hanana in Marrakesh


 The riad of Eco designer Jacqueline Foissac 
Riad Adore in Marrakesh
terrace of Dar Loussia in Essaouira
If ever I want to sit and watch the Atlantic I go and have a relax moment here. 
It offers an astonishing view on the bay, the Medina and the beach 

the inner garden (patio) of riad Tzarra in Marrakesh

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