eco tourism


Do you love Safari style as a fashion project? Does the film 'Out of Africa" make you almost want to grasp your straw hat?

But does the thought of eco-resort and sleeping in some kind of wilderness makes you opt for: 'lets try that next year' ...

I have some good news for you, and it is called



At about 30 kilometres Southwest of Marrakech, in a beautiful desolate area surrounded by nature and not that far from

Toubkal National Park

in what once was called the « Désert Marrakchi », (the Marrakech desert). It is a place for me-time, meditation and joy. When I want to escape Marrakech for a day, that is the direction we take!

It's an area still unspoiled with no 'well known' tourist attractions but that is all you want . peace, serenity and comfort....and a million stars at night!

all pictures copyright La Pause