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Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco

Vanaf de eerste

keer dat ik dit kleine artistieke heuvel dorpje zag van op afstand,  fluisterde iets mijn naam. Diabat, tegen de flank met zicht op Essaouira.

Die aantrekking komt zeker niet van de plaatsen die verwijzen naar het bezoek, het verblijf of ... van rock ster Jimi Hendrix, maar als hij hier echt ooit gepasseerd is, verbleven heeft, of volgens de verhalen, inspiratie opdeed voor een song, dan werd hij wellicht verliefd op het dorp om dezelfde redenen als ik.

Bijna ongerepte architectuur. Prachtig vormenspel van de kleine kleurrijke huizen die aan elkaar vastklampen, aanleunen, allen met dak terrassen en uitzicht in alle richtingen. De straten die parallel lopen met de oceaan hebben allemaal een schitterend panorama over de baai van Essaouira.  Tot op heden kan ik alleen maar raden hoe prachtig dit moet zijn bij valavond, wanneer de zon onder gaat  en vervolgens de lichten in de medina en langs de boulevard een heerlijk schouwspel moeten geven vanop je dak.  De achterkant van het dorp heeft een prachtig uitzicht over de rivier die je diep meeneemt in het Berberse landschap en verder tot in Hererta.

article by Marlène Pauly

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English down

From the first time I saw it from a distance, something whispered my name in the little artistic village of Diabat. For sure it are NOT the places that refer to the visit , the stay or...of the all famous

Jimi Hendrix

. But if he truly did pass there then he must have loved it for exactly the same reasons as I do.

Almost unspoiled architecture. Beautiful silhouettes of small colourful houses that cling together, all with rooftop terraces and views in all directions. The streets that run parallel with the ocean all have stunning views on the bay of Essaouira. This far, I can only guess how stunning this must look in the evening with all the lights in the Medina and along the boulevard. The backside of the village has another stunning view over the river that takes you deep into the Berber countryside and all the way to Hererta.

Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco
Diabat - Essaouira - Morocco

 And then, modernisation came.... Please, don't let this take over the heart and soul of this charming town...

Ugly architecture Diabat

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BOHO ESSAOUIRA or why Londoners tend to be trendsetters once again!

direct flights from London to Essaouira! How cool is this to spend your weekend? 

At about a 3 hours flight on Friday morning and return on Monday it has become  THE PERFECT beach destination to go for!
1) there's nothing to compare it with within Europe.
2) it's a full package with culture, beach, fantastic food, surf and party all in one.
3) you can get the best designer couture all made for you! (look in my free e-book!!!)
4) it's the closest far away destination ever and concerned safer by international Assurance companies then some European countries!
5) it's AFRICA!!!! Think about your colleagues when you say at work you just came home from a weekend Africa :)
6) it does feel like home a little bit. Souiri's have been ruled by so many European countries that there is this eclectic natural mingle of both worlds.
7) it's always the perfect weather. there might be (a lot of) wind, but that's why the surfers come here in the first place. Protected in a sunny corner you will be happy the wind is there to refresh you :)
8) It has the best golf course in Morocco!
9) sharpen your cooking techniques and take a cooking workshop! there are plenty for everyone!
10) Tourism needs you! The small businesses in Essaouira depend on tourism. Families live from what they make in the small Medina shops.

So that are my reasons and I did not even mention the Hamam, the Berber Market in Had Dra, the wine estate of Essaouira, The goat cheese coop, the trending restaurant scene....and these gorgeous places that welcome you to spend the night!

all pictures Jack's apartments.