High Atlas


One month ago, I was travelling between Marrakech and Taroudant. Passing Asni with a quick visit at Kasbah Tamadot where the setting of the Kasbah was simply impressive. The next day while passing Asni we suddenly got sight at the Barrage Ouirgane in the most wonderful blue colour, water ever revealed to me. I was hypnotised and the only thing I could think of was to be in a hotel with a view like this.....

Little did I know...

Until I arrived at this wonderful spot tucked away in the lower hills of the High Atlas mountains Yesterday....There it was, my dream under construction. Sleek cubistic architecture where traditional Moroccan techniques, design and materials are being brought together in a totally contemporary mix. Impressing me most was the vision from the designer. Inside and outside reinforce each other with amazing views throughout the hotel, the infinity pool and the panoramic suites. The terrace is definitely the most amazing place I have been on for a long time. It feels like floating somewhere in the sky between the hills with backdrops of the High Atlas and the Barrage Ouirgane in the valley.
But there is much more to it!
13 villa's built in the same contemporary style, designed to harmonise with both the hotel and surrounding nature.
Private plots that can use the facilities of the hotel.
The last 3 villa's, two 2-rooms and a very exclusive 3 room will now come on the market and we are lucky enough to be able to offer them to you! 10 villa's are already purchased by an international public that saw the  potential already from the very beginning. They will undoubtedly see there investment increase when the hotel will open for public early 2016.
These last three villas are on the market as of £329,000 with 148m2 on ground level, 1360m2 plot Full ownership, full property management available a.o. !
More info HERE

Why we believe in this concept:
Everything starts with a vision. This vision is about sustainability and durable entrepreneurship.
We at Coco-Morocco love projects like this because creating a win-win situation is what it is all about when starting a project in a protected area.
Preserving the balance between environment and the impact it has to do well for the locals is an ongoing process, one that the developers are willing to take, to continue with and to expand.


APRIL  18 to 23 2015. THE TOUR IS ON!
UPDATE: Only 2 rooms left!  the last places available!

6 days 5 nights including a luxury desertcamp !

Before the mountain snow will have disappeared I want to take you touring with me at an exceptional price!
I managed to get the resorts with the best mountain views and spectacular scenery's all in one tour, and what's more...There is one over the top luxurious Glamping included to end our trip in style!

A 6 days trip to the most spectacular mountain view resorts around Marrakesh.
! 5 nights, 
! 5 different views and lots of time to relax and enjoy a balanced mix of city and nature!

FOUR lovely inspiring hotels  1 LUXURIOUS glamping!!!!! 
! Twice room with breakfast , 
! 3 times Half board. 
! transportation From and to Marrakesh included
! driver and transport during trip included.

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Maybe these pictures with the view from some of the resorts can convince you...Remember what's all included:
FOUR lovely inspiring hotels AND 1 LUXURIOUS glamping!!!!! 
! Twice room with breakfast , 
! 3 times Half board. 
! transportation From and to Marrakesh included
! driver and transport during trip included.