Marrakech is becoming more and more an international metropolis to be reckoned.

A Metropolis influenced by international trends that local youngsters embrace and enjoy together with expats and tourists.

On the other hand, we are happy to notice new trends that re-enforce and re-define the Moroccan heritage. The skills and the things that we all love about Moroccan culture.

Here are the 5 new hypes we think are here to stay!

article by Marlène Pauly

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1) bye bye colour overload hello minimalism.

Marrakech,Marrakesh, trending

LRNCE  Ethnic minimalism we love

photo by Laurence

No, don't panic! We're not saying Marrakesh is turning into some cool and all white, Nordic kind of town, but we do notice these last months more and more that fashion found a Moroccan answer to the



Simple, architectural lines combined with ethnic details.

When brands like

Max & Jan

Marrakech have an all white, simple and sleek line in their Summer collection I think we have to consider this trend as a stayer and we love it.

Not everyone wants to wear the colours and Ibiza style but almost every man and women falls head over heals for the comfy loose fit of Moroccan Djellabah's, Caftans and harem pants.

2) The all time favourite Barbershop gets pimped.

Marrakech,Marrakesh, trending

Thr stylish Barber in Guéliz next to Vert Midi.

When we mentioned to an investor 3 years ago the potential we saw in redefining the old art of 'il barbieri' he had a good laugh.  I would like to see his face now, when one stylish Barber/beard shop after the other is opening up.  Totally our style and totally on trend. After all who does not like a well trimmed beard or moustache?

3) Middle East Money and luxury hotel chains.

After the opening of the Mandarin Oriental in 2015 it's waiting for the Hyatt.

But... we have our sources and we know that the Arab world is investing in Marrakech.

Oil money for some brand new lifestyle concept hotels. The top of the Arab world will soon have their own favourite spots in and around Marrakech to reside. 

4) Tagine version 2.0

Marrakech,Marrakesh, trending

This place will be opening in Fall and we have high expectations :) on a new approach on Moroccan cuisine

Marrakech is turning green, Eco, bio. Health stores, vegetarian lunch spots that go beyond taking the meat out of your plate, are becoming a fast growing range of restaurants, Our favourite without any doubt is Vert-Midi. They do not claim to be organic.

But oh, what a treat!

Their juices are to die for and their salad concept is unique in Marrakech.  You select your own ingredients among a list of products...

Very good food, very democratic in price and a real stayer we hope!

BUT...what's the title about! Tagine 2.0!

Well...that's another great concept that's finally making a grand entrance. After some creative takes by Terrace des Epices, Nomad, Kaowa.....on my all time favourite, the Moroccan Salad,  the concept of cooking Moroccan with a twist seems to become mainstream and again! WE LOVE.

5) Bye Sidi Ghanem we love shopping Guéliz.

Marrakech,Marrakesh, trending


Héritage Berbère

recently opened a luxury shopping experience in Sidi Ghanem, we prefer shopping them in the Medina.

When you think shopping, you think souks. Medina. Hustle and bustle.

And yes, we agree. But Marrakech always had alternatives. Call it the way out for the locals. The secrets that we not easily shared with outsiders.

One of these places was Sidi Ghanem. The industrial era where hip designers and local constructors gather side by side with transport firms and tire companies. It was an adventure and you always came back with a new discovery.

Well, many still say oh and waw about Sidi Ghanem but I don't. The last year I love to discover new trendy shops both in Gueliz and yes!! the Medina.

Guéliz is well on its way back to attract young international designers, art galleries and last but not least local creators.

More things that are moving and ready to become a trend in the red city?

Stay tuned!

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Trends: Pink is no longer! Think broink and grink or bink.

For all of you who think pink is for Barbies, 'maybe' for Ken...

Pink is hot in the Medina and more then ever a stayer.   These shades of pink are going to conquer the world and invade your life AND you are going to say 'yes' one way or the other...
riad Noir d'Ivoire - Palais d'hȏtes Marrakech ⏐

Not convinced?
Let me tell you that pink has grown, if growing means becoming more subtle at least!
Faded undertones of pink with a beige grey or brown base.

The most exclusive hotels and riads are using it to soften the sunlight and giving you this instant home feeling.
Dress it with silver gold and warm oranges to make it luxurious.

Dress it up to become more spicy-bohemian with emerald green, purple and orange. Think El Fenn and Le Jardin as an example

Dress it with natural wicker and wood tones to become 'natural'

riad Adore - luxury riad Marrakech ⏐
riad Kafila - Essaouira ⏐

Trending: Roze is niet langer! Denk groze, broze, be-oze.

Dacht u dat roze iets voor Barbies was, of in het uiterste geval ook nog net voor Ken...

Roze is hot in de Medina en meer dan ooit een blijver.
Deze nuances van roze gaan de wereld veroveren en ook U gaat ook op de ene of andere manier overstag gaan en volmondig  'ja' zeggen hoe u het ook draait of keert...

Niet overtuigd?
Laat u overtuigen aan de hand van de foto's dat roze volwassen is geworden, tenminste als volwassen worden betekent dat de tint verzacht, zelfs verbleekt is. 

Het is hier, en het is hier om te blijven! Welkom MARRAKECH ROZE!  Subtiele ondertonen van roze met een basis van bruin, beige of grijs.

 De meest exclusieve hotels in Marrakech en Essaouira gebruiken het om het felle licht te dempen en een instant 'thuis' gevoel te creëren.

Style het met zilver, goud, warm oranje om het gevoel van luxe te versterken.

Vul het aan om een Bohemien look te verkrijgen door combinaties met smaragd groen, paars oranje en feller roze. denk hierbij aan  el fenn en Le Jardin in Marrakech

Schep een natuurlijke look door er  hout en rotan tinten aan toe te voegen en planten natuurlijk!
riad Up - luxury riad Marrakech ⏐

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