interior styling


About a year ago I had the first meetings in this hotel. Not often it happens that owner and designer have a same view, and this was one of these rare moments. Things move on slow but for every piece that is accomplished, there is the joy of looking at it, being happy it turned out to be as visualised or even better.
can't wait for the pool to be ready
the romantic room with this O SO romantic bathroom
the ocean suite
the colonial room

Creating a place of authenticity that re-invents Moroccan tradition and mixes it with pure whites and greys...


No....I'm not talking about what all 'could' happen

on a patio after lounging with a good glass of wine and seeing the sun go down with some nice shilling music...I'm talking about

my love for patio's since I was a little child I was drawing houses.

My favorite one was what I called 'the Roman' house. I was at the

Gallo-Roman Museum



at age 7 and when I came back the only thing I was talking about where these amazing drawings on houses I had seen.

I asked for black paper and  with a pencil I designed the most amazing patio houses, admiring the silver shimmer on the black paper at night with my designs hanging on my bedroom wall.

Growing up i still loved drawing houses, still love black backgrounds and still love patio's. How lucky could i be to arrive in this country where almost everyone enjoys a patio!

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Black & white with some Moroccan flair.
That comes pretty close
when looking at this timeless interior project of Jessica Helgerson.
First of all I personally love the style of the condo in Portland. What I love about the renovation, what I ALWAYS consider successful renovations, is when it reinforces the character of the old without becoming retro. A particular part is the use of the Moroccan cement tiles. It is so nice to see that a pattern that has been around for ages can make a place funky all over. 
Well done!