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WEDDING VENUES 2017 in Marrakech

Planning a wedding?  Planning an exotic wedding? You should think Marrakesh!

Marrakesh, no better place on earth to indulge in wonderful colours, prints, romantic settings, luxury venues and dreams under a nightblue sky filled with a 1000 stars...

Our top venues to plan your wedding. 

Some are bohemian, some are a 1001 night proof and some are just beyond your wildest dreams.

They all promise you one thing. 

The start of a story together. 

After that, its your job to fill the pages of the book... 

article by Marlène Pauly

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English down

ok, can we caunt Essaouira in too? 

Essaouira... beach weddings, words carried away by the wind. Sand, wild unspoiled beaches ...

1. Essaouira - Villa Anouk

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

If you are a luxury nomad, with your heart drifting between old romantic souvenirs , Wabi-sabi simplicity with a twist

and refined luxury, settled in an authentic Berber countryside that is screaming out loud 'authentic wedding shoots' then this is absolutely your place to tie the knots!

To give you an idea on how romantic a Villa Anouk wedding can be, look at gorgeous shoot by

Stefanie Kapra Photography



Villa Anouk

      Address: R301, Morocco   contact them through the site.

2. Essaouira (Sidi Kaouki) - La Mouette et le Dromadaire

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

Think Boho - Beach - wild and unspoiled beach. This setting is another hidden gem to have the wedding of your dream if you love bohemian settings and beach life. Patricia and her team have really nailed it when it comes to raw, authentic charm on the beach in Sidi Kaouki.

You will not find the comfort of a hotel, but you find all the rest that matters to you and your loved one!

La mouette et le Dromadaire


Sidi Kaouki 44125, Morocco    tel.00 212 (0)6 7844 9212

3. Essaouira - Dar Caravane

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

If you think weddings are about fantastic food, pools and parties. 

Dar Caravane knows how to throw a Party. Don't even question the know how of Didier and his team. 

I keep referring to Dar Caravane in every top I make, but that's because this place offers such a wide range on possibilities! Be it a day out at the pool, a lunch , an event of a party...

Dar Caravane


Km 1 Route D'Agadir, Essaouira 44000, Morocco


+212 5247-84804

4. Marrakech - Berber Lodge

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

photo credit Berber Lodge

If you are familiar with

the Coco's Caractère Selection

you will know about Ethnic chic. This place has it all when you are this kind of couple. Your wedding could not be more in style breathing authentic Berber charm out of every pore. Totally hip, minimalistic and classy at the same time.  When the


team is involved and brands like

Couleur Locale

are a fan, then you know this is all about becoming one of the new it places. You can set the trend with your wedding :)

Berber Lodge


Douar Oumnes, Tamesloth, Marrakech   

5. Marrakech - Jnane Tamsna

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

photo credit Jnane Tamsna

Jnane Tamsna , you could call it the creation of Meryanne Loum-Martin. This although is partly true as her husband is also involved in the design and the holistic view on the concept of the splendid garden. We however are totally in love with the creativity of Meryanne. Every party, in to the smallest detail is part of her vision on this beautiful place. It's fairytale like and a 100% 1001 night proof wedding venue.

Jnane Tamsna


Douar Abiad, Palmeraie, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

6. Marrakech - Scarabeo Camp

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

photo credit Scarabeo Camp

As close to a desert feeling you can get without crossing the High Atlas.  The Agafay desert just outside Marrakech is THE place for some luxurious Glampings and Scarabeo is one of these that manage to keep the balance between authentic desert solitude and refined luxury.  You will have a real nomad wedding under a million stars!

Scarabeo Camp


P2020, Morocco  tel.

+212 662-800823

7. Marrakech - Le Jardin Secret

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

What about places within the Medina? Well..Le Jardin Secret might not come to mind when you think about wedding settings, but this place offers you stunning views on Marrakech and surroundings from the second highest tower in town after the Koutoubia Mosque.  Including a more than perfect garden with an ecological and ancient restored water system. A place with a history and a future.

If you look for 'something else' have a look and go for it. They don't open the venue at night unless for private events and this might just be your wedding!

Le Jardin Secret


184 Rue Mouassine, Marrakesh, Morocco

8. Marrakech - El Fenn

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

photo credit El Fenn

A little luxery, a lot of attitude and personal style for this gem in the Medina.  This little 'village' is ready to make your marriage one to remember into the smallest detail. I always think everyone knows El Fenn but in reality it's surprising how many people don't and they get completely overwhelmed by the daring beauty of it.

El Fenn


Derb Moulay Abdullah Ben Hezzian, 2, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

9. Marrakech - Peacock Pavilions

Marrakech top wedding venues 2017-2018 - Coco's choice

photo credit Peacock Pavilions

Some places are just so well designed that you don't need to add anything to have your dream location for a wedding. It's not easy to label Peacock. It has its own unique style. A blend that seems to mix and match in one unique way that carries Maryam's personal signature.

A dream spot for many and a yearly place to return and de-stress for some lucky ones.  Why not make it the start of your story together?

Peacock Pavilions


km 18 route N9 Marrakech,Douar Ladaam, Morocco

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