Last week I shared some pictures with you on Facebook about how simple it can be to create a look without ruining your bank account. While most of my own examples were in basic colors, I got some pictures posted and mailed of total different styles. It proves that you don't have to be an addict to the natural shades to create a great look with pallets.
I can advise you a great book if you want more inspiration:

Most pictures are from Pinterest
In my post about a garden table I worked on one like this
this small breakfast table will do fine in lots of settings. Bedroom, garden...
this picture was sent to me by my friend Nicole who wants to create this look for her guest/hobby room. She is incredibly good in sewing so I think it will be no problem once she has found her 2 pallets!
I love this Moroccan inspired kitchen. You don't need to worry if everything is perfect. The character lays just in the imperfection
simple and adjustable
more inspiration you can find here!
Suzy mailed me her favorite for her garden. easy to make and lots of place to put your favorite magazines!