Serge Lutens.
I still remember every new shooting for Sisheido, it was perfection!
the same feeling I got when I bought his perfume Fleur d'Oranges. After I had been traveling Morocco for some years, I knew that this was the scent of the orange trees when blossoming caught in a bottle. Later I discovered I share a love for Berber Fibula's with him. And when I saw the pictures on his Marrakesh home I got totally inspired for my Moroccan living room.

Not having a stunning house like his here are my tips on getting near...
1)Choose two dark "ton sur ton" colors. Aubergine or a dark brown-red Will look great. Start with painting the walls in the lightest shade and when dry take the dark color and a tissue and experiment your way into an off-washed effect on the walls.
When this is dry, choose a pattern that you want to use to put some extra glimmer and Arabic feel to the place.
You can either use big framed patterns or cover a wall with a typical Moroccan pattern like these.

Make a print and carefully remove the parts that you want to have a golden glow.
Put the stencils to your wall and use a golden spray. Don't use too much, it should have just a little subtle golden shimmer!
If you have painted your ceiling dark, which I suggest you do, then you can also sprays some gold in a circle above where you are going to put your lamp.

Once you finished your paint job, it is decorating time.
carpets like Kilim carpets in earth tones combined with black and bordeaux and Kilim cushions in bold orange and purple,
A Moroccan sofa is easy to make. daybeds covered with cushions and more cushions. combined with low tables and magic lamps.

PS. if you are not keen on colors, try all shades of gray white and black and work with silver. It will give you a more contemporary Moroccan look!

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