Meet the owner:

Scottish Lynn has this wonderful apartment in a town that is on my wish list for quite a while.

She bought her Edinburgh flat in 2000, as soon as she could after starting her first 'proper' job as a Scottish government official. Only six months later, she was assigned to a position in Brussels (Belgium) and then another one in Berlin before returning to Brussels again. She did not move back to the little flat for 9 years! Once back in Scotland, she began to renovate it. Lynn: 'My big project was my kitchen. I love cooking and entertaining, and as I had discovered Morocco while living abroad, I was keen to bring a little of North Africa into my home (to complement artifacts from periods spent living and travelling in Asia, the Middle East and Europe)'.
Once the kitchen renovation was complete, she travelled to Morocco to source a mosaic splashback as the final finishing touch. You can read the story of how she found it here.

'On a subsequent trip, I designed a lantern to hang in my dining area. Morocco is a big inspiration in my life and I found a lot of pleasure creating recipes from my trips in my bright, airy kitchen in Edinburgh' (recipe:

On that fateful mosaic-purchasing trip, however, she not only returned with a beautiful designed splashback but she met a very special person and little over a year later, she decided to move to Morocco to be with him.
'Perhaps in future, we will be creating Scottish-Moroccan fusion recipes in my kitchen together!'

Meet the home:

Do you want to meet the home?
While Lynn is in Morocco, her apartment is available for holiday rental (
If you would like information on travel, expat life, buying or business in Morocco,
please see Lynn's maroc-o-phile website:
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