Feb. 16 - 20, 2019


After our successful first edition, we’re kicking off for the second time in February 2019!
Stockholm once was my hometown, long before 'Scandinavian living' was hot, I fell in love with its essence.
Pure, simple and minimalistic without any unnecessary details.

After all these years I still consider Stockholm as my second home, but I have found so many resemblances here in Marrakech!

Under all the colour overload, there is a simple and pure handmade reality! These few days will be filled discovering this along with all the magic this town has to offer. Design with roots in the Berber tradition and culture and where possible with a social contribution.
You will learn what to look for when buying a carpet, a teapot, a lamp...you will understand what makes a good quality object and why a price is not just a price....not even in Marrakech ;)

This tour is focused on Scandinavia (Sweden) but we welcome anyone. Places, however, are limited.

What you will learn:

  • how to define quality.

  • what is a fair price.

  • communicating with regards to the local culture

  • styling tips and tricks with pure and local design.

  • designer meetings.

  • networking.

  • visit to all the areas in and beyond Marrakech.

  • direct contacts with producers and workshops all around Marrakech.

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  • Introduction of the trends.

  • what to shop and where.

  • carpets, ceramics, lighting, woodwork...how to define good quality/price.

  • an area around Marrakech, every day.


  • Enjoy the spirit of old Marrakech.

  • Visit of the old Medina with the Souk des Tapis (the carpet Souk), Place Jemaa El Fna...

  • Learn the art of negotiating while shopping.


  • Visit of the Industrial area with trendy design and collector's items.

  • The insider stores in the Souks.

  • The magical Souk des Ferroniers with lamps in all forms and sizes.

  • All the new design stores for homeware and linens.

  • You do not feel unsafe, overwhelmed nor forced into buying while walking the medina with me.

  • Combining orders to get the best deals.

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