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July 19, 2018

SHOPPING IN MARRAKECH - a perspective on time

shopping,sourcing,sourcingagency, coco-morocco
The most colourful carpet street in Essaouira by night
“What’s your name?” The Shop assistant asked her.
I could read her thoughts that this had nothing to do with her wanting to know the price of that pompon blanket.
It was a beautiful, wool and all black blanket with camel colour pompons. “I just want to know the price” she answered with some tension in her voice.
I was convinced the price would depend on how this conversation was going...

Let's look at the two perspectives, realising both are born from within our own cultural wiring.

we build a story and then we reveal a price. The price is the 'magical' and variable result of our interaction=[time]
we have a planning and this item is one of them. We have no [time] for all this.

Try to make some time for every deal when you come here! Realize that it's better to buy only some of the items you really want for a good price while having fun negotiating this price. Better than coming home all stressed out with a feeling you've been ripped off

[after all]
When was the last time your local shop assistant asked YOUR name? Don’t be surprised when you come back to Morocco one year later and they still remember you and welcome you as a good friend. “It’s all about these things in life “
Enjoy your day and...ask the person in your local supermarket today “what’s your name?” See what happens!
It's not that much about what you shop, it's the way how you shop it. Maybe this rule is more visible here, but a personal interaction and building relationships matter no matter where you are.

And what if you THINK you don't have time?
We might change your mind ;)

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July 15, 2018

SCORPIOS MYKONOS - Shop the style in Marrakech

Lamps to be found in the rattan area outside Marrakech about 30-50 Euro 

We love beautiful places that reflect a raw and unrefined beauty. Saturated with pure materials and old traditions in craftsmanship.

June 29, 2018


Cradle concepts:
Tradition redesigned.
Local resources and techniques.
a conscious bridge between past and future.

H A N D W O R K = The new luxury

April 12, 2018

MARRAKECH EN VOGUE - Shopping the nomad style

Marrakech en Vogue
Left: Bakchic the label - upper right: Max & Jan concept store  lower right Tory Burch shooting in Marrakech

En Vogue with these Moroccan designers!

February 07, 2018


yoga, wellbeing,essaouira,feel good, pilates, bootcamp

Connect and rejuvinate along the Atlantic!

January 31, 2018

THE GREEN WALK through Marrakech

a green walk in Marrakech
Hang on and discover Green in all its meanings in a walk around Marrakech

Green, a colour that covers so many items nowadays. From being the up and coming new black, to a holistic way of living. From back to nature to what kind of veggies you should eat to live  on trend.
Today we take you on a green tour 'Marrakesh style' From Parks to restaurants, to ancient Islamic techniques and ... cosmetics. O, and somewhere there is fashion in the game too!

My favourite way to do this tour would be with Marrakech Green Wheels, but unfortunately their tours don't cover the Medina (yet). But do visit their site and their wonderful ideology behind the project!

January 23, 2018

YOGA & ESSAOUIRA - an undeniable match

yoga, design, essaouira, marrakech
Trying to solve the mystery between yoga, wellness and Essaouira

Essaouira is a small town, compared to Marrakech, Agadir and Casablanca. If you would count the percentage of health practitioners however, you know there must be something this town offers that no other place seems to have.

Ask any local, any expat that moved here about what 'it' is and you get this undefined answer...
"there is something, I don't know what, but it makes me want to stay." (Believe me, I live there and I say the same 😀)

In the next articles, we are going to try to get this clear for you who might consider a health, yoga or pilates and fitness retreat here!

December 28, 2017


Volubilis, morocco, contemporary architecture

Volubilis, a Roman Empire. So close to my heart as I grew up in Tongeren, at about 20 km of Maastricht and Liège. All Roman empire cities that show so much resemblance in their overall urban development. I'm delighted to see the approach, also here in Africa, to create a subtle contrast with new architecture.
Glomo (global and Moroccan) Architect team Oualasou + Choi, have experience in mixing cultures. Have a look at their impressive portfolio! This also reflects in this visitors center in Volubilis

November 22, 2017

TADELAKT - Homestyling Classes and Holidays in Marrakech

Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech
And what if you would skip the spring cleaning for a hands on "learn a skill" in Marrakech? Trust me, it can't get much better! Orange blossom scent, sunshine and maybe that dream of a tadelakt kitchen or shower wall is finally coming to a real goal within reach...

article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE

November 21, 2017

KATE'S CRUMBLE - rustic homemade from the heart

kate's crumble
It's the time of year when you can't say no to a sweet in between.
Our Kate has a wonderfull goal and we can all help out by enjoying what she's euh most? known for 😏?
Crumble Kate tell us the story please!

November 01, 2017


COCO-Morocco, Countryside, Ghent, Gent

What if we would embrace some Wabi Sabi in our life?

5 years already!
Of living in Morocco observing trends. 5 years of buying and sourcing interior items for Internationals while comparing the Western design trends with what we can offer from the souks..

5 years also of procrastinating my wish to attend Countryside Ghent.

October 14, 2017


tadelakt workshop essaouira

Place to rejuvenate your body mind and soul.
Place to attend one of the many workshops while travelling.  Relax and learn a skill.

We were invited by riad Les Deux mondes, a resort a little out of Essaouira, where conscious living, healthy food, body work and relaxing by the pool is combined with a whole range of workshop possibilities.

One workshop got my attention because it's on my bucket list for a long time already:

article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE

September 25, 2017


Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakesh
Model of the Museum by Studio KO

 October 2017 is going to be hot in Marrakech ! Hotter than July and August together!

September 03, 2017


Country side Gent, coco-morocco

An impression of what we will have in our trunk!

August 28, 2017


workshops, essaouira

Are you the kind of traveller that does not like to sit still for too long? Then it's always good to have some options while going abroad.  Is learning something new, while getting closer to local culture, people and habits something you love?

August 01, 2017


Do the words 'collage' and 'handpainted paper' take you back to long gone days of creative expression at school when you were about 10? 
Well...I must say, they did to me. Until I entered Sanne Busk's atelier in Essaouira.

July 17, 2017


sugar factory "Souira Qedima" near Ida O Gourd

"The ruins of the sugar factory "Souira Qedima" near Ida O Gourd and its hydraulic network of 'aqueducts' still stand as a testimony to this forgotten history that lasted only half a century, but whose consequences are up until today still affecting the ecosystem.

June 11, 2017

BRUNCH BY THE POOL The Essaouira top 5

There are plenty of reasons to stay more than a day in Essaouira. There is much more to discover than the Medina, the harbour and the beach boulevard. Ask any one living here and they come up with a liiiist that could fill your month of holiday with ease.