July 19, 2018

SHOPPING IN MARRAKECH - a perspective on time

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The most colourful carpet street in Essaouira by night
“What’s your name?” The Shop assistant asked her.
I could read her thoughts that this had nothing to do with her wanting to know the price of that pompon blanket.
It was a beautiful, wool and all black blanket with camel colour pompons. “I just want to know the price” she answered with some tension in her voice.
I was convinced the price would depend on how this conversation was going...

Let's look at the two perspectives, realising both are born from within our own cultural wiring.

we build a story and then we reveal a price. The price is the 'magical' and variable result of our interaction=[time]
we have a planning and this item is one of them. We have no [time] for all this.

Try to make some time for every deal when you come here! Realize that it's better to buy only some of the items you really want for a good price while having fun negotiating this price. Better than coming home all stressed out with a feeling you've been ripped off

[after all]
When was the last time your local shop assistant asked YOUR name? Don’t be surprised when you come back to Morocco one year later and they still remember you and welcome you as a good friend. “It’s all about these things in life “
Enjoy your day and...ask the person in your local supermarket today “what’s your name?” See what happens!
It's not that much about what you shop, it's the way how you shop it. Maybe this rule is more visible here, but a personal interaction and building relationships matter no matter where you are.

And what if you THINK you don't have time?
We might change your mind ;)

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July 15, 2018

SCORPIOS MYKONOS - Shop the style in Marrakech

Lamps to be found in the rattan area outside Marrakech about 30-50 Euro 

We love beautiful places that reflect a raw and unrefined beauty. Saturated with pure materials and old traditions in craftsmanship.

July 14, 2018


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A cross cultural shopping experience can be much more...

Shopping in Morocco…
If it’s your first time in the Arabic culture, this might be …a nightmare?
I remember my first times, trying to get good deals on cement tiles that I would have to transport to Europe.

June 29, 2018


Cradle concepts:
Tradition redesigned.
Local resources and techniques.
a conscious bridge between past and future.

H A N D W O R K = The new luxury

June 21, 2018


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Looking for exclusive property in the Medina of Marrakech can be exciting. It can also leave you with a lot of questions. A lot of hidden problems and an ongoing rebuilding adventure for some years to come.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE rebuilding :)! But in case you don't share my enthusiasm on that topic, I have a real opportunity for you here!

June 13, 2018

ECO CHIC - The trend for balancing the speed of life

In our latest newsletter (which is going to go deeper into design trends in Marrakech and Africa, as of the next one) I quoted:

"Basic handcrafted tribal objects help us connect with and answer a need within us to simplify things without compromising on style and personality"....

The more hectic and borderless our lifes become, the more we seem to develop a need to create a living environment to balance all of this.

Handcrafted objects in natural colours and fibres.
Celebrating the revival of textiles with simple block prints and mud cloths, harmoniously mixed with hand knotted rugs.

Nothing is perfect and that might just be the connecting chain to each and everyone of us!
Creating our own wabi sabi interior allows us to embrace our own imperfections, the ones we errase with an app before we try to go viral.
Combining forms colours and materials to a warm, unpretentious environment that is unique, pure and imperfect at the same time is, when we look deep within, exactly how we want the world to see us...

Let's have a look.
all photos and more can be found and sourced at our pinterest board.

June 08, 2018

OUT OF AFRICA - French flair dressed with tribal chic

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When Ethnic chic travels around the globe, inspiring other styles and other cultures, some beautiful interiors are created...
In this series, we will take you  to one of these dream places to get inspired and maybe influence you in your shopping behaviour in the souks of Marrakech.
This small French studio apartment knows how to dress! In fact it's Maison Hand, a Lyon based designer team that knows how to dress the space, keeping the 35 m2 airy and luxurious.

June 01, 2018

RIAD JAANEMAN - a peek behind the door

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Riad Jaaneman in the Dar el Bacha area

In our series peeking behind the door, we cover riads we haven't visited before. We look and dream away with the photos we find on the web, we check the area where it's located, rooms and prices and what to discover in the hood.Finally, we go and visit and share some real time foto's and a video with you. If you want any more details, please subscribe to our newsletter to get the full story on every riad we visit.
Some photos on beautiful suites kept popping up and when a friend asked me about riad Jaaneman, I knew it was time to go and find out!
A most wonderful riad with 5 suites, with own bathroom of course.
You notice the touch of the owner, who is Italian, throughout the place. Small details as tabs and showers, Italian marble and a finesse in decorating. As the rooms were occupied, we did not make any photos there but we can assure you the photos on the internet are exactly as we found it.
The patio was ever so lush and more beautiful than we could imagine from the web. Birds were hopping from tree to tree, singing their song and the covered bhou was the perfect spot to sit, relax and enjoy all this.

May 29, 2018

OUT OF AFRICA - Ethnic Chic at Areias do Seixo

When Ethnic chic travels around the globe, inspiring other styles and other cultures, some beautiful interiors are created...
In this series, we will take you from time to time to one of these dream places to get inspired and maybe influence you in your shopping behaviour in the souks of Marrakech.
We start with an eco resort in Portugal. Does the word eco-resort rings a bell of hippies, goats and peace?
This place takes eco to a whole other level. Luxury and style with a high dose of Morocco!

May 23, 2018


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Morocco , although Africa, is firmly rooted with one leg in Europe. Balancing between to continents and several cultures, we don't realise how many souvenirs that we find here already have travelled a long distance from way South in mamma Africa.

Let's discover some!

May 17, 2018


M Avenue, Four Seasons, Narrakech
M Avenue, scheduled to open in late 2019, is a new 500-metre-long “Garden Avenue” located in the heart of Marrakech. This unique development, which is adjacent to the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, will create a new and exciting city centre that will revitalise the city and will offer an innovative mix of properties including Four Seasons Private Residences, the Pestana CR7 hotel (the Cristiano Ronaldo hotel as we call it) shops, restaurants, cafes, offices, art galleries and exhibition venues. The vision is to become an international lifestyle destination for design, fashion, food, recreation and culture.....
And guess what! The leading Marrakech' PR Agency, Red City PR, invited me to have a peek behind the door. 

May 12, 2018

HOW TO RE-USE OLD DOORS - old beauty with a new destiny

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Doors ...

If there is something that 'might' reveal what's hidden behind the walls in the medina, than it must be the door.  Often the only element exposed in the pink walls of the centre.

The magic and surprise when they open and they reveal a spacious inner garden, or a modest home.  it doesn't matter what's behind, the magic stays the same and the door often protects the ones living behind. Symbols and Moorish patterns on wood or metal. They all serve to protect and praise and...sometimes arouse our curiosity

Even after a life long service, their beauty is not in vain, and many a door has found itself a new future inside a modern home....

Let's look at our selection!

May 03, 2018

BELDI KITCHEN HOMEWARE - what to take home from Marrakech

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Morocco is know for its skills when it comes to handmade originals ...

Whatever you buy here, high quality or not, you can be sure about one thing! You item has been created by someone from start to finish. Often at home, sometimes in a small workshop, sometimes out on the countryside on the fields but NEVER in a factory. Every piece is unique, every piece is different from the other. Buying six pieces might end up in looking for the ones that are size wise more or less the same.

That's what makes it so valuable to me, that's also part of the excitement to find that piece or these pieces that you think match and bring harmony to your home.

There no difference when we're talking kitchen home ware! Even the new design lines share this same rare, unique and kind of raw identity. The way I hope it will stay for a long time....

Let's look at our selection!

April 30, 2018

RIAD LES ORANGERS D'ALILIA - a peek behind the door

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April and May are the months to bath in the scent of Orange blossom
As I recently moved into the Kasbah...Time for a stroll in the hoods. The Kasbah in Marrakech is a walk too far out for many and they are right! It takes about half an hour to walk from place Jemaa el Fna to Café Clock, one of the known spots.
However, if you like to discover a small village within the city, a place that reminds me of a Southern Mediterranean place on a siesta moment on a hot summer's day, then take that walk and wander off from the main street!
By 6 p.m. that main street turns into one big restaurant scene with local food stalls and fast food tourist places, combined with souvenir shops and hundreds of people, scooters, horse carriages and ....
Please try the local restaurants as they happen to have the best local food I've ever tasted in Morocco!
There's the guy from Fez, (you recognise him with his shiny copper pots) who has at least 5 different dishes. There's the small hole in the wall of Khadija who can't read or write but she and her mother serve the best fried sardines and lentil stew I ever had!

April 24, 2018

TALKING TILES - Moroccan tiles

zellige, cement tiles, mosaic, bejmat

There are several names on Moroccan tiles and the word Zellige has become the common word for tile here. Quite confusing as I used to call the small square tiles zelliges ...

Fes and Meknes are known for there high quality clay to produce pottery and tiles. Of course, these are the most expensive ones, but also Safi and on small scale Marrakech have tile production.

There is one tile though that has nothing to do with clay and which I love for all the beautiful colours and patterns! We're talking cement tiles

Another tile that is frequently used on floors are Bejmat tiles. In fact the same basic ingredients as the Mosaic and the zellige but in a brick shape and often not glazed and in it's original terracotta colour. You can find them however in any glazed colour you want.

Zellige (Zellij)

Beautiful setting with Zellige tiles from ZocoHome
The square glazed tiles that became very popular worldwide about 10 year ago. They are all handmade and their imperfection is something to consider when you want to apply it. It's this imperfection that gives the tile its characteristic beautiful look but you might not want to use it in areas that need a lot of maintenance.


zellige, cement tiles, mosaic, bejmat
Classical Moorish patterns on floor and wall
Mosaic tiles are Zelliges cut into small pieces and put together in Moorish, Islamic patterns to create breath taking interiors. The art of making these mosaics you can admire in all Moroccan cities. Small workshops with men on the floor, mastering the technique of cutting the smallest pieces one by one and then putting them together like a puzzle!


zellige, cement tiles, mosaic, bejmat
Green glazed Bejmat tiles in fish bone pattern at le Jardin Secret
The ways to put bejmat tiles seem to be endless. From fish bone or straight to all kinds of combinations from natural unglazed ones with a colourful square heart of the pattern. 

Cement Tiles

Zellige, Bejmat, cement tiles, mosaic
Colourful cement tile floor at Max&Jan Medina
cement tiles have to grow on you! Not only do they get more beautiful with ageing, but I'm every time again excited to try out another pattern, another colour and create magic! It's a fairly cheap way to create astonishing homes, however you have to realise that they are quite thick and heavy. So count with about 7 cm of space to put them (screed+tile)

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April 12, 2018

MARRAKECH EN VOGUE - Shopping the nomad style

Marrakech en Vogue
Left: Bakchic the label - upper right: Max & Jan concept store  lower right Tory Burch shooting in Marrakech

En Vogue with these Moroccan designers!

March 28, 2018


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Left: le riad Yasmine - upper right: riad bleue du sud  lower right riad les yeux bleues

our top 5 bohemian hotels with a serious dose of design!

March 18, 2018


Donkey Jules at Jarjeermules. Adopt a donkey as a souvenir!
stay, dine, do, shop, art, architecture and culture in Marrakech

Weekend inspiration to plan Marrakech.