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I'm absolutely thrilled that Annika from Marockoresan asked me to assist her on this tour!
Stockholm once was my hometown, long before 'Scandinavian living' was hot, I fell in love with its essence. 
Pure, simple and minimalistic without any unnecessary details.

After all these years I still consider Stockholm as my second home, but I have found so many resemblances here in Marrakech!
I guess you might not discover this under all the colour overload, but believe me...these few days will be filled with pure, minimalistic design with roots in the Berber tradition and culture and where possible with a social contribution.
You will learn what to look for when buying a carpet, a teapot, a lamp...you will understand what makes a good quality object and why a price is not just a price....not even in Marrakech ;)

This tour is focused on Scandinavia (Sweden) but we welcome anyone. Places, however, are limited to 8 participants.

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