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The Mr & Mrs: When luxury is your second name

Are you the people that would prefer to take their own butler? The ones that appreciate the small luxuries and a stay where you probably meet some friends from last year's cruise? This is our selection for you. We try our best to discover the new luxury addresses so you will be the first to tell your network at the next cocktail party.

Ethnic Chic: The sounds and colours of African tribes

You discover Morocco with all of your senses. In fact, you are looking for this unique piece of art in every shop where you hear the sounds of a drum. You have Africa on your to-do list for a while and thought to kick off in Morocco! You are the kind of hipster who knows what to combine and on your Instagram, you follow at least 20 accounts that export tribal goods to the fancy people all over the globe.

Home from Home: That feeling when you pass the doorstep 

You love to go on a holiday, and when you like it somewhere, you could not think of a reason to not return there again for at least a year or two. It's all about the feeling, the scent of home baked and relaxing moments reading a good book in the shade...maybe even fall asleep...
Catch my drift? This is our selection for you!

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