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cool designer shoppping Marrakech

About a year ago we spotted a new


that was getting stronger. As a designer, it was again hip and a must do to show your brand in the Medina or Guéliz. We're talking Marrakech and we're talking about small, well designed stores that make a refreshing difference in the lined up '100 in a row' small shops.

article by Marlène Pauly

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by Marlène


These 5 addresses are a must on your shopping plan!

cool designer shoppping Marrakech

1) Master Carpet Collector and Designer

Soufiane Zarib


While most of the designers move back into the Medina, Soufiane made a smart move. Straight in front of the new Musée YSL! It's rather a beautiful window display on what he offers in one of his 3 places in the Medina but it is THE place to get the right customers and a good first impression. And of course we are not only talking about the carpets! Soufiane has a great eye and is perfectionist also when it comes to architecture.

Rue Yves St. Laurent Marrakech

cool designer shoppping Marrakech


I happened to pass the shop on my way from the square towards to iron workers. It had always been there but they cleaned and redesigned so that every wooden handmade object looks 10 times more beautiful. The shop was kind of Moroccan closed and I have not more info yet. But you will easily find it!

cool designer shoppping Marrakech


Le Trou au Mur

One of the few restaurants that managed to have everyone talking about it for a year before it opened!  Le Trou au Mur brings a breath of fresh air to the Marrakech restaurant scene. Chic, laid back, fun, relaxed, intimate and comfortable but, above all, totally serious about food.

Located in an authentic area it is absolutely an address to experience at night! The open fire place only adds to this in the coming months that can be cold in Marrakech. A perfect mix of Moroccan dishes 'new style' and European influences. Le Trou has an escort to take you to your transport or hotel if you feel more comfortable!!

39 Derb El Farnatchi Marrakech

cool designer shoppping Marrakech

4) Mourad Yamane's trendy design store

I am just blown away about the beautiful new and stylish walnut plates, the beautiful rattan baskets and the all natural design objects he has. Mourad already had a shop of Tamegroute Pottery next door and this is such a beautiful mix.

28 Rue Mouassine Marrakech. ( walk passing Le Fnacq Berbere when you come from the square. Just continue and on your right hand)

cool designer shoppping Marrakech

5)BIBI art

A newly opened store on carpets and collectors textiles. The shop in the 'Souk des Tapis' was no longer serving the beautiful selection and so they looked around and found a new address in one of the better areas.  Go and have a look! part of the collection is also on exposition in Musée de Mouessine


50 Rue Sidi El Yamani (straight ahead and on your right hand when you enter Bab Laksour

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