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DIRTY EARTH TONES - 5 things to add and create the look

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Tamegroute pottery at my favourite shop


From an old farm house renovation where old inscriptions were treasured, to factory lofts where rusty lines on a brick wall dress the place and turn into art...


the beauty in what was once a happening in life. Time turns everything into beauty. It's up to you to discover it.

Here some inspiration on ethnic treasures from the souks and some that inspired me to create a look with earth tones and what to add to it.


in the souks or even better at a local Marché aux Puces

with the right light every day objects become a still life

the small 'off the tourist road' shop of my Tamegroute man keeps inspiring with it's light

a beautiful Beni Ouarain cape combines all the earthy colours

old linen fabrics can be wonderful artworks

a vintage fifties Moroccan carpet (Beni Mtir Kelim) here shown from the backside adds the right dose of rhythm to a space with it's subtle movements.

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