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Urban Tribal chic, when Nordic cool interiors get mixed with tribal goods. That's one way to travel Morocco.

One of the things I like to do most here in Morocco is visiting riads. I just never seem to get enough of the feeling I get when entering a door in the medina. The surprise when you come into that courtyard!  Some of these hotels are so beautiful that I've started sorting them in my 3 favourite styles. 

Let's look into one of these categories today!

Ethnic, Tribal Chic is for sure the one that appeals to a very large group of travellers here in Africa. Sometimes I see it mentioned as new bohemian. It has nothing with bohemian but everything with a history that in most of the cases relates to Africa. The tribes and the beautiful handcraft mastered by them that we still enjoy nowadays.

My favourite ones, among many others all over Morocco,  I've listed here for you. Have a look!

article by Marlène Pauly

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Riad Palacio de las Especias.

riad palacio de las Especias, Marrakech. Ethnic chic

What a name! And what a dream! The perfect picture. When entering the door you know, you're here for an African experience.

Moroccan Ethnic chic mixed with Andalusian flair. It's like a flashback several decades in time. You feel the history of a town that was invaded by so many tribes and had been put under foreign leadership more than once. All because of its importance, connecting the other side of the High Atlas with the rest of the world.  The Tribal routes and Caravans that came across the mountains, ready and eager to trade their products here.

If you want to experience all of that, you will like this riad a lot!


35 Derb Sidi Bou Amar, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

- Phone:

+212 5243-75314

Berber Lodge


Berber Lodge, Marrakech. Ethnic chic

Traditional Berber building techniques - earth bricks, wooden beams of palm tree and eucalyptus.  Tastefully combined with low key country chic décor, rattan, vintage fabrics from Morocco and abroad, with tadelakt and marble bathrooms adding the requisite amount of luxury.

Implement this in a countryside that is among my favourites when out and around Marrakech.  Berber Lodge is a beautiful answer to a need to combine authentic charm with the luxury of simplicity and silence.

Less is a lot more here! 


Douar Oumnes, Tamesloth, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

- Phone:

00 212 6 71 08 36

Bliss Riad.

Bliss riad, Marrakech. Ethnic chic

A late evening while wandering home, I passed the old door that I had passed a million times.  This evening, however, it was different. Through the slightly open door, I noticed a most wonderful patio. I could not stop myself from staring at all this beauty and the magical light that came from within. Too late I noticed someone had seen me and asked if I wanted to have a closer look. Thinking I had been gazing into a private home I felt uncomfortable. Can you imagine how excited I was, finding out that this was a soon to be opened riad!

It is really the best location I can think of. In the heart of the Medina, between Mouassine, Dar el Bacha and Riad Laarouse. Close to all my favourite shops, opposite to my favorite

hide away

and right next to the perfect

sunset rooftop

in town!

You can't wish for anything more when in Marrakesh!! 


182 Rue Mouassine, Dar El Bacha, Medina, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

- Phone:

+(212) 6 15 31 20 49

Villa Maroc.

Villa Maroc, Essaouira. Ethnic chic

Many years after setting the trend, not only in Essaouira but in the whole of Morocco, this grand old lady still rocks.  Villa Maroc is not just a riad, it was the first riad in Essaouira, and I'm proud to say that this little town was THE trendsetter for this kind of lodging. turning beautiful old houses into guest accommodations.

There are only a few hotels that have the 'finesse' of staying hip and trendy during such a long time while benefitting of a well-routined team with a service of a level to set an example for many.

Experience the real thing when you want to know what Ethnic chic is about!


10 Rue Abdellah Ben Yassine, Medina, Essaouira 44000, Morocco

- Phone:

+(212) 5 24 47 31 47

Riad Baladin.

Riad Baladin, Essaouira. Ethnic chic

Yes please, let's stay in cool Essaouira and explore some more hotels here!

Besides their website that needs an update to reflect what they stand for, riad Baladin is absolutely worth to consider when staying in our Ocean town!

White, wood and airy! That's exactly what it's all about in Essaouira and that's also what it's all about in riad Baladin.


Rue Sidi Magdoul 9 - 44000 Essaouira, Morocco

- Phone:

+212 (0) 661 604 504

5 Columns


I know, we said 5, but we like to put in an outsider that's really worth mentioning :).

Riad 5 Columns is a house in Essaouira that you can rent for your holidays.  Not really a Bed and Breakfast 'rent a room' but soo beautiful and featured in so many photo shoots that I thought this one should be among our favourites too.

Photographer Pauline Arcklin

did a great job, capturing the house and its soul on photos.


90 Rue Moulay Ismail - 44000 Essaouira, Morocco

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