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What if we would embrace some Wabi Sabi in our life?

5 years already!

Of living in Morocco observing trends. 5 years of buying and sourcing interior items for Internationals while comparing the Western design trends with what we can offer from the souks..

5 years also of procrastinating my wish to attend Countryside Ghent.

article by Marlène Pauly

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by Marlène


This year, I finally pushed all the 'what if's' away and just did what I had to do! Book stand 1186 in Hal 1.

Because I know, Belgium is ready for the Urban Tribes, embracing Ethnic chic !

Big names like

Axel Vervoordt


Tadao Ando

, chains like the

Cook Hotels

....They all contributed to this!

and, it all resonates with my personal style, black and white combined with natural tones.

We could talk a lot about it, but more, we would like to welcome you. In person or online!

So keep an eye on that instagram account for these Crazy Deal Days for our FB and Instagram Followers!

Every day we focus on different items! But be sure! even without these deals, our collection is stylish and all ready to fit these stylish Scandinavian / Flamant / Black and white homes.

It's all about handmade goods, straight from the Moroccan Countryside to...COUNTRYSIDE.

I could not think of a better place to showcase our selection!


Can't make it to Ghent? You can place your order online for our crazy deal days!!

Just message us on FB or Instagram

So , Keep an EYE ON our INSTAGRAM accounts to see all our DEALS 1 day AHEAD

bye for now, I'm loading the van and waiting for my LAST carpet that left this early morning at 6 from the Atlas Mountains. Heading now for Essaouira.

That's part of living in Morocco....It may be sometimes VERY last minute, but somehow, it always works out!

Keep an eye on our Instagram




for our Crazy Deal Days as of TOMORROW :) !

See you in Ghent folks!


p.s. We have 20 FREE entry tickets for 2!  Contact us!

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Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakesh

Model of the Museum by Studio KO

October 2017 is going to be hot

in Marrakech

! Hotter than July and August together!

article by Marlène Pauly

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by Marlène


When your favorite

architect team

builds a Museum for your favorite designer.

When TEDx Marrakech keeps a promise of being more 'on spot' than ever, and when all these events just seem to collide with our own Black and White home styling retreat!

We know it sounds like a coincidence but we don't believe in coincidences. No, we think it's meant to be like this. Just to give you the best MARRAKECH experience ever!

October 19: Official opening of the brand new

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

. Marrakech will have yet another example of contemporary world-class architecture.

October 21:

TEDx Marrakesh

. This event has definitely become a place to feel the heartbeat of this city and shows that Marrakesh is here to stay and is becoming a major city of influence. Young, energetic and colourful in many ways.

October 22: Our Home Styling and Shopping Holiday:

Harmony in Black and White

. It's all about creating your own bliss! Start connecting to what it is you really like! Collect it and turn it into a moodboard to manifest it for real!

For those who want, we have a special offer, 2 nights extra on a magical location* inclusive visit of the MUSÉE YSL and full day with lunch and networking event at TEDx Marrakesh !  

contact us

for the EXTRA offer. Only participants of our Home Styling and Shopping Retreat!

(as riads are getting fully booked because of all the events, we might offer different locations for these extra nights but we make sure you will have high quality experiences)

For us, it's important to get to know you before the retreat! Have a look and fill out the



How they experienced one of our 'bliss at home' retreats

Just want to thank you SO VERY MUCH for making my Morocco experience one filled with positive, beautiful memories that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

Robin Bonner - Washington D.C.

I deeply valued your negotiation skills and the story behind getting the deal.

I learned to enjoy the art!

Liesbeth - Singapore

Marlène, your were great!  I had a hard time adapting from structured Japan to hectic Marrakech. Thanks to you I adored the shopping moments


Kyoko - Tokyo

This workshop was an eye-opener for me.  I now have a solid plan, not only for my home, but you gave me some great insights far beyond thanks to the magic of visualization.

Inge - Kortrijk

I come back :) So much more to shop.  So much more to discover.  In love with your concept and...the red city


Sal. - London

What a great idea for giving us this tool to create our moodboard and that list of online shops!!  Marrakech feels so much closer now!  Thank You.

Brigitte - Amsterdam

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Country side Gent, coco-morocco

An impression of what we will have in our trunk!

Think Ethnic chic and Urban Tribes.

Think original handmade products.

Think unique pieces.

We come, we sell and we go. No stock, no leftovers. Everything shipped directly from the producers to Gent and total on trend from what's in right now!

The 'theme' we have chosen is trendy and taking over the world, '

Ethnic Chic and Urban Tribes

'.  Focussing on trendy hipsters, citizens of a world who value authenticity and who are willing to add an original, edgy and unique element to their interior to stand out in stead of fitting in.

We also embrace imperfection!  Meaning that a size is an indication, that a colour may shift a little. All this because we work with


and that, besides the fact that they work from their heart and with their guts, there is always the personal touch.

We will try to keep you posted with photos on our producers!

Think not too much

, just come and enjoy some Moroccan tribal spirit straight to you from the local market.

Take a chance to meet us and get on site advice for your interior.

COUNTRYSIDE GENT: November 1 - 5

Welcome to join our competition at our stand!

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

Tribal woven black white brown clothing (pieces of variable size)

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

pomponblankets in pure wool - palmleaf lamps - palmleaf baskets. Picture 

Tine k Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

wool pomponblankets and cotton pomponblankets in 2 sizes starting from 120 euro. Picture 

Zoco Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

wool pomponblankets and cotton pomponblankets in 2 sizes starting from 120 euro. Picture

Tine k Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

palmleaf baskets and hammam towels.

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

palmleaf hanging baskets. Picture

Tine k Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

small kitchen ware. Picture

Tine k Home

Countryside Gent, coco-morocco
Country side Gent, coco-morocco

palmtree ladders. Picture

Tine k Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

wool pomponblankets and cotton pomponblankets in 2 sizes starting from 120 euro. Picture

Tine k Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

palmleaf carpets. Picture

Zoco Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

tribal carpets in earth tones starting from 500 Euro. Picture

Zoco Home

Country side Gent, coco-morocco

and more small ethnic gifts. Picture

Zoco Home

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workshops, essaouira

Are you the kind of traveller that does not like to sit still for too long? Then it's always good to have some options while going abroad.  Is learning something new, while getting closer to local culture, people and habits something you love?

Read on, we have you covered for your holiday in Essaouira.  And no, we're not talking surfing, nor mastering the technique of raffia or learning Darija (the local language) BUT that are options too 😂

article by Marlène Pauly

more articles

by Marlène


Here is my shortlist with my 5 personal favorites. I included our own workshop homestyling and shopping, Of course 😂

click on the title of the workshop to get redirected to the sites.

Other workshops?

Why not some


or Pilates?

A workshop healthy food with Juicing and Smoothies

A workshop making your own beauty products with all natural ingredients....

The list is long!

ART workshop with Sanne Busk.

Sanna Busk

Settled in the heart of the medina of Essaouira. Learn the skill of creating your own hand painted paper and turn it into stunning pieces of collage art. Sanne is a Danish artist, living in Essaouira. You can read more about her


Yellow Workshop, 7 Rue Mohamed Diouri – Medina. Essaouira – Morocco - starts from 100 MAD per person per hour

Madada Cooking workshop


Atelier Madada

At the entrance of the med­ina, in a for­mer almond ware­house, l’Atelier Madada wel­comes you under it’s stone arches.

In half a day you will learn how to prepare traditional cuisine in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Tajines, couscous, pastilles or cornes de gazelle will not longer remain a secret.

We're over delighted that we can share their recepy for the best

Chicken Tagine


Time for a little cooking workshop at home folks!

Chicken tajine with onions and dried raisins Madada style!

Preparation time: 20 minutes - Cooking time: 1h45 minutes

Ingredients per person :

• 1 chicken leg

• 2 big onions sliced thinly

• 1 cloves of garlic finely chopped

• 25 grams of raisins

• 2 tablespoons of olive oil

• ½ teaspoon chicken mix

• ½ teaspoon of turmeric

• ½ teaspoon of ginger

• ½ teaspoon of cinnamon

• A pinch of saffron

• A stick of cinnamon

• 1 table spoon of honey


Place the chicken in a tajine; add a thinly sliced onion, a finely chopped clove of garlic, two tablespoons of olive oil and the spices: turmeric, ginger, salt, saffron, the mrouziya (mixture of spices for chicken) and a stick of cinnamon. Mix so that the pieces of chicken marinate well. If you have time, you can prepare the marinade a day in advance and leave it in the refrigerator, leaving out the garlic. The chicken will then be softer and tastier.

On a low heat sear the pieces of chicken on all sides for about 40 to 45 minutes; turn the meat frequently. Meanwhile, let the raisins soak in cold water.

Once the chicken is seared, add the second thinly sliced onion, the raisins and, if needed, a tea glass of cool water so that the chicken does not stick. Sprinkle with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Do not mix. With a tablespoon, pour regularly some of the sauce on the onions and the raisins; it will give them the taste and the colour of the sauce.

Let the tajine cook with the lid half on for approximately one hour then check if the meat is cooked with a fork. If it is good add a table spoon of honey on the top. If you still have a lot of sauce, you can take the lid off and let the sauce reduce until you obtain the desired consistency.

Enjoy your tajine!

Rue Mohamed Ben Mes­saoud — Tel : +






17 prices from

220 MAD per person

Interior Styling workshop followed by a guided shopping.

Marlène Pauly

Feeling overwhelmed by all the colours and textiles in the souks? Not sure even if it would fit in at home?

In 4 hours we zoom in on your home and give you a colour scheme to pick from, we will create a list with items that will add the right touch of Morocco to your place, making sure you will create 'bliss at home'

The workshop/consult is followed by a shopping tour to assist you and NOT to force you into something. We help you negotiate a reasonable price that works for you and the vendor.

Marlène Pauly architect - decorator 

Tel : +







, prices from 500 MAD per person (shopping tour included) max 4 pers.

Tour des Ateliers.

Isla Yemaya

This is not really a workshop, more of a tour, but we have so many talented people around that we think it might be much more fun visiting them in their studio's in stead of buying their works in one of the many shops.

The tour covers the studio of

Isla Yemaya


Pascale Met les Voiles


the artist painters in the Joutillia

- the

African store Maridadi

Tour starts in Diabat, outside Essaouira. We make sure you have a driver for half a day. 200 MAD per pers. max 5pers.

Photo Tour in the Medina.

Marlène Pauly

This one is on my to do list and the photo above is mine so I can't tell you from my personal experience. But I am in love with the photos of Lawrence Quammu and yes, I am addicted to snapping the city from every corner...

Lawrence Quammu, photographer rue Touahen 67 bis 

Tel : +212 615-287146...

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