5 BOOKS ABOUT MOROCCO to add to your Santa list

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Hello dear readers,

it's been a while! Winter came, also to Marrakech, and with the cold from the High Atlas and the first snow on the Mountain tops ( how I love that view) came also a flue that kept me in bed for almost two weeks.

Time for me to think and make my wish list for Santa!

Books... I was able to sell my precious collection of designer objects when I moved with one container to Morocco but ' NOT WITHOUT MY BOOKS'

I know, I don't have space for this whole library, but i have the pleasure of diving into these boxes every now and then and see a book i had almost forgotten about. Then it's time to showcase it for a while and spend some cosy evening looking at pictures, pleasing the soul...

so, if you happen to know another bibliophile that happens to love is my top 5 on books to make him or her happy!

article by Marlène Pauly

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Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

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The thousand-year-old city of Marrakesh is characterised by its pink-colored pisé architecture and its deeply rooted tradition for gardens and green spaces. From the

Majorelle Gardens


Le Jardin Secret

to the more recent opened

Anima Garden

s. Gardens are important, both inside the Medina and on the many beautiful often private estates just outside Marrakech. Some of them are called 'Jnane' referring to the days when the well settled families in the city had their own private land outside to spend the hot summers. The cover of this book is taken at Jnane Tamsna, an absolute must visit when in Marrakech! It's a luxury guesthouse but upon reservation you can spend a day out with lunch or diner...

Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

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I have a recent addiction! Since I first visited

Le Musée Boucharouite

, I am a fan! I go there and listen to Patrick, the owner of the lovely private Museum. I read the stories that Berber women tell in their weaving. I hear about grief, hope, family life and revolt! It is one of the most fascinating new ways of looking at a carpet. 

Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

only available at the bookshop at Le Jardin Majorelle

Marrakech would not have been Marrakech if not for Bill Willis, the magician from Memphis..Willis found a foothold in North Africa in the mid-1960s and never left. “My discovery of the Islamic world has been an astounding experience,” Willis told

Architectural Digest

in 1989.

Working with Paris-based photographer Nicolas Mathéus, American design writer and editor Marian McEvoy spent around five years tracking down 15 of the finest surviving Willis commissions, styling them to look their best, and then recording them, inside and out. 

Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

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For anyone who wants to add Morocco's spicy design mix into their own home, Maryam Montague, owner of absolutely stunning luxury hotel

Peacock Pavilions

, explains how to do so with the building blocks of Moroccan design. It's a bible for everyone embracing Bohemian chic and a fine example on how to add some colour to your interior.

Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

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Introducing Thor Arne Hauer is not easy. He is an extremely gifted photographer and storyteller. All his books are in Norwegian, and I think I need to persuade him to get them translated, but Thor is one of the few people I know that does not care about these things. He loves what he does and that's enough for him. For all of you Scandinavians, I can strongly recommend you to have a look at the way he portrays Morocco. In photos and in stories. For all who can't read Norwegian, his photos are unique and already worth having one of his books on your coffee table. Recently Thor opened a small and exclusive gallery in Essaouira. Showing his photography

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