Marlène Pauly - COCO Morocco

Marlène Pauly - COCO Morocco

Hello, I'm Marlène: 
Belgian, architect, roots in Venice, a past in Stockholm and living in Marrakech.
Founder of COCO-Morocco, a Marrakech based sourcing agency on design and lifestyle.

My job as an architect, interior designer and realtor in Belgium brought me in close contact with Moroccan craftsmanship.  Working on restoring farmhouses in Belgium and Holland, turning them into guesthouses and private mansions, I was using Tadelakt, cement tiles and zellij for these exclusive interiors. One could say I was discovering Morocco one tile at the time, one carpet after the other.

A love affair forever and every excuse was a good one to make that trip to Morocco!

Since 2012 I call 'home' the exotic little boho town of Essaouira at the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco, as well as big sister Marrakech at about 160 km East. I don't feel the need to choose one of them!

In 2015 I founded coco-morocco.

Coco-Morocco has grown into the expert service when sourcing Moroccan design and lifestyle objects.
My love for handmade. My passion for raw and authentic design with a twist and my firm believe that handmade is the new luxury make Morocco a true heaven for me!
My never ending obsession in running the souks and trying to dig a little deeper into the culture of negotiating and haggling makes it all the better when I'm out there sourcing for my clients.