April 7 - 15, 2019



I'm absolutely thrilled that for the third year I'm able to work together with Shari Hochberg from Sole Yoga Holidays!
What initially started as a tryout has now evolved in a really unique service Shari is offering to all her yoga guests. A truly personalised sourcing, tailor-made for each guest's wishes.
These wishes can include a unique piece for the home, but it might as well be the start of a business relationship with the Marrakech' souks and why not, some eye-catchers for the office.

We'll work with each and everyone well in advance so we can have a smooth shopping experience to the most exclusive spots.
This tour is a yoga retreat and has limited places!

What you will learn during a shopping:

  •     how to define quality.
  •     what is a correct price.
  •     communicating with regards to the local culture
  •     styling tips and tricks for your home, office...
  •     designer meetings.


To book this retreat

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