M Avenue, scheduled to open in late 2019, is a new 500-metre-long “Garden Avenue” located in the heart of Marrakech. This unique development, which is adjacent to the

Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

, will create a new and exciting city centre that will revitalise the city and will offer an innovative mix of properties including Four Seasons Private Residences, the Pestana CR7 hotel (the Cristiano Ronaldo hotel as we call it) shops, restaurants, cafes, offices, art galleries and exhibition venues. The vision is to become an international lifestyle destination for design, fashion, food, recreation and culture.....


design, shopping, essaouira

Here is free gift number 5: A colourful pompon hanger

English down

Zelfs als je in Marokko woont, dan kan het altijd nog wat Afrikaanser.

Als je de winkel van Maridadi binnenstapt weet je precies wat we bedoelen.

Kleurrijke Afrikaanse stoffen en even kleurrijk design.

In een zijstraatje van

Avenue Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah

, Rue Koweit, bijna in de Mellah.

Dit gedeelte van de Medina is aan een merkwaardige opkomst begonnen. Het ene trendy merk na het andere begint hier met originele winkeltjes waar je de meest authentieke spullen en souveniers kan vinden. Een andere favoriet is de Italiaanse juwelier.

design, shopping, essaouira

Maridadi is het 'kindje' van Allison Jones, die eigen ontwerpen mengt met verkoopbare spullen die ze mee neemt van op haar reizen. Het is moeilijk om je niet te laten verleiden door al die leuke portemoneetjes, kleedjes en hebbedingen. 

wij gaan terug voor één van die leuke vissen!

design, shopping, essaouira

Even when you live in Morocco, it can always get a little more African. 

When you see the colourful fabrics in the small Maridadi boutique you know what we mean!

Just off

Avenue Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah

, close to the Mellah area, in Rue Koweit.

This part of town is suddenly becoming the more hip and fashionable area with a trendy Italian jeweller, two edgy designer boutiques with Moroccan designers and this little jewel created by Allisson Jones.

design, shopping, essaouira

Own design mixed with items she sources on her travels. It's hard to leave without buying something. We did, but we will be returning soon for one of these lovely fishes 😉

design, shopping, essaouira

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MARRAKECH - Shopping tour for hot days

With temperatures above 43 degrees C. being usual in July and August you might want to bring in a healthy dose of 'pool', 'lazy nothing' and 'people watching' in your stay in Marrakech this summer!

My program for two American ladies coming from a

yoga retreat in Essaouira

and in an urge for some last minute shopping and relaxing by the pool in the beautiful

La Mamounia

where they are staying...

Met temperaturen die op een dag gemiddeld niet onder de 43 graden gaan in juli en augustus is het aangeraden om de nodige porties 'zwembad', 'niksen' en 'luiweg mensen begapen' in het plan in te lassen!

Mijn shopping tour voor twee Amerikaanse dames die na een yoga retreatje in Essaouira nog even de portemoné willen laten wapperen in de Medina van Marrakech en die laatste 'must haves' ook willen combineren met luieren aan de pool van La Mamounia...Je betaalt er tenslotte voor hé!

Best hours to be active

before 11 a.m.

after 6-7 p.m.


After Arrival around 11.30 a.m.  check in at the hotel and take a taxi to DAR BACHA.

Enter the Medina (8) along the palace and passing

hotel Palais Donab


There are a hand full of nice shops in this street and some old Foundouks ( the former hotels for the tradesman in the early days, now turned into shops, tourist office etc… (in the film

Hideous Kinky

you can see the spirit of these foundouks as it used to be in the sixties)

Walk all the way to (6) the restaurant

le Jardin

where it should be a little fresher to sit and have lunch in a lush garden. (it's a very small entrence but it is stunningly beautiful inside)A must visit while there anyway: ;) ;) 

Noria Ayron

has her concept store inside the patio on the first floor.

After Lunch take a walk (just around the corner) to the best placeupcoming street in the Marrakech Medina with creative design and clothing (7)

You can find the concept store of


Morocco ( one of the designers is often there on Saturdays, when not in Ibiza promoting his new store). In this street, you'll find several new brands and do visit the corner shop of

Sarah Maj

opposite. An Italian designer that I can highly recommend.

Still feelng fresh enough after this? Ask for the directions to


(don't mix it up with CAFE DES EPICES!!)

Terrace des épices offers on two floors lovely design , not cheap and not all 100% original but a lot of goodies for real shopaholics at one place. The rooftop has a nice terrace for a drink or lunch but on hot days I think it's not a good option.

Go back to Dar Bacha and take a taxi back to the hotel to enjoy the afternoon by the pool.


meaning tea cookies goodies and the best things La Mamounia has to offer you ladies ;) 


At about 6.30 p.m.

Take a taxi to DAR BACHA again and this time, walk to (4)

Le Jardin Secret


If it's calm, ask if the owner is around if you want to have a first-hand guidance! He might just do that!

Le Jardin secret closes at 8 p.m. and that is just the right time to cross the street to

Café Arabe

(3) to have a drink at the rooftop.

I do not suggest you have dinner there as I do not like it.

Dinner options:



- be sure to makereservations before


El Fenn

- be sure to makereservations before

Both would be best booked some days in advance….

From El Fenn, it's easy (along the outside of the Medina wall) to go to

place Jemaa el Fnaa

(2) to soak up the nightlife with a stroll and a coffee

From there take a taxi back to the hotel.

Sunday morning - if you manage, get up early and be around 8 at

Jardin Majorel

. It is THE BEST TIME to visit Majorel gardens before going to the airport. 

It would take you one hour or max 1,5 hour to visit.

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nasire staat voor luxe lederwaren voor de ambitieuze wereldreiziger.

nasire sands for luxury leather goods for ambitious individuals.

Het eerste gesprek met het team van nasire ging over koeien. Niet koetjes en kalfjes, maar letterlijk koeien. Ze waren Marokko aan het doorkruisen om de fijnste kwaliteit leder te vinden. Sinds deze eerste ontmoeting zijn er veel maanden verstreken en ongetwijfeld nog meer retours Zurich Marrakech.

The first time we met the team from nasire, we were talking cows. Yes, literally cows. They were in startup and traveling Morocco to find the finest quality leather for their bags. Since then many months have gone and lots of travels have been made.

In het hele proces, de weg naar het finale product stonden 2 dingen voorop. Kwaliteit en individualiteit. Vanaf het eerste prototype ware wij 'big fan' van de brute luxe die de tas uitstraalde. Sterke zuivere lijnen gecombineerd met doordachte details.

During the process of creating the final product quality and individuality were their focus points. We were in love with the bag from the very first beginning. The raw luxurious look combined with powerful, clear lines and thoughtful details.

nasire combineert moeiteloos Zwitserse precisie en eenvoud met ruwe Marokkaanse passie en sensualiteit. 

5 vrienden, 1 concept. Geboren uit hun passie om rond de wereld te reizen in een individuele stijl, resulteerde uiteindelijk in de




en de



Een tas voor de luxe Nomade. Geen betere manier om twee werelden te verenigen!

nasire combines effortlessly Swiss precision and simplicity with Moroccan vibrancy and sensuality.

5 friends, 1 concept. The




and the


were a result from their passion to travel the world in style, an individual style.

A bag for the luxurious nomad. No better way to connect worlds if you ask us!

voor info en verkooppunten :

klik hier

Until we meet over a glass of mint tea

X Marlene

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