Do you love Safari style as a fashion project? Does the film 'Out of Africa" make you almost want to grasp your straw hat?

But does the thought of eco-resort and sleeping in some kind of wilderness makes you opt for: 'lets try that next year' ...

I have some good news for you, and it is called



At about 30 kilometres Southwest of Marrakech, in a beautiful desolate area surrounded by nature and not that far from

Toubkal National Park

in what once was called the « Désert Marrakchi », (the Marrakech desert). It is a place for me-time, meditation and joy. When I want to escape Marrakech for a day, that is the direction we take!

It's an area still unspoiled with no 'well known' tourist attractions but that is all you want . peace, serenity and comfort....and a million stars at night!

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True – Authentic – Simple: VILLA MAROC ESSAOUIRA

Take an old stylish building, paint it white (almost) mix in some colonial style and lots of vintage handmade Moroccan decor pieces and what do you get?

Villa Maroc


What makes villa Maroc so different from the rest is the way they combine comfort with authenticity.

 Today’s travellers are kind of done with the standardised comfort and convenience hotels offer. They are looking for a true and authentic experience.

For the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. Time is the new luxury more so then money. Time and authenticity. Two elements that mingle at villa Maroc.

If the word 'Bohemian' defines this style, then Villa Maroc must have been with the ones that created this style...

What are you waiting for :) ? time to book...

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and by Villa Maroc

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L'HEURE BLEUE Essaouira ****

Essaouira, l'heure bleue

I love hotels where both day and night give you the feeling you want to stay in.  That said I can only say don't book l'heure bleue if you want to see and do a lot around Essaouira because you might end up thinking this town is too big to explore in one week.  There is no better place to enjoy the skyline then at the poolside of this 18th century palace.  The pool is located at the top of the building and the views are just phenomenal.  Enjoy delicious food and Essaouira wine which is bottled exclusively for them at the wine estate in Ounagha. Situated at the Bab Marrakech entrance of the Medina you are at prime location and you will have easy access to both hotel and surroundings. 

Being a visual person and loving good service, this is where I have lost my heart.

If you don't know what the expression l'heure bleue really a stay and you will...

Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue
Essaouira, l'heure bleue

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Picture source COCO-MOROCCO and






interior: ****

food: ****

ambiance: ****


No....I'm not talking about what all 'could' happen

on a patio after lounging with a good glass of wine and seeing the sun go down with some nice shilling music...I'm talking about

my love for patio's since I was a little child I was drawing houses.

My favorite one was what I called 'the Roman' house. I was at the

Gallo-Roman Museum



at age 7 and when I came back the only thing I was talking about where these amazing drawings on houses I had seen.

I asked for black paper and  with a pencil I designed the most amazing patio houses, admiring the silver shimmer on the black paper at night with my designs hanging on my bedroom wall.

Growing up i still loved drawing houses, still love black backgrounds and still love patio's. How lucky could i be to arrive in this country where almost everyone enjoys a patio!

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Riad Talaa 12

what first seemed to be an obstacle...

has become a source of inspiration.

Rooms in traditional Moroccan riads don't get any wider then about 2,2m. They can be 6 or 7 m long and this was at first a challenge I did not really like.

But it


work and it


look great when you look at these pictures I share with you. 

So, if you want to get some inspiration on how to make your place at home look astonishing too...follow me!And don't let me hear you say "my room is too narrow"


Riad Talaa 12

This room looks great and classic with a mix of different style elements. 

1) use the same color tones but in different vibrations and shades.

2) use small furniture that  makes a statement.

3) use round forms they take less space.


Riad Talaa 12

I am a fan of mustard yellow and grey, so this room is right into my style.

1) create some extra depth by using the same color in the length of the room and on the same height.

Look at the mustard color that repeats and look at the wall decoration.

2) keep it simple and don't go wild on accessories.

source:riad El Fenn

 When you love bold colors you will love this one!

1) use bright colors that work well together.

2) make 1 focus point that gives it this WOW factor.(wall decoration).


4) use vintage stuff.

5) keep the most vibrant colors at the lower half of the room (small room) otherwise it will look overdone.

source ELLE Decor

When you go for Colonial style, this one comes close. Dark colors can make a room heavy and therefor:

1) combine with lots of white and green plants.

2) use SMALL furniture. this style asks for a mix of different things so you can't go minimalistic here. Using small furniture gives you more space to combine things so it looks as if you are a world traveler that takes home souvenirs from around the globe!

source: Riad Charai

Well I can't help it, but another grey and mustard yellow setting. :) love love love ...

Do you notice this room is furnished with a HUGE Moroccan sofa? Right, but that is about all there is and that is precisely the way you would work with narrow rooms and big furniture.

1) NEVER do this in the opposite direction. You want to make a statement and this you do by over exposing something. In this case the length of the room.

2) in this kind of setting, using white walls, you can have any color you love because you only use one wall!

3)Keep it balanced so that the room does not tend to tip over by the visual of all you colors on one side!!!

source: riad Dar K

source: riad Dar K

 Simple, down to earth African colors and wood! GREAT!

This riad is maybe not so practical when it comes to furnishing but it looks great and stylish.

1) natural wood.

2) black and white.

3) earth tones.

source: riad Kitula

source: riad Kitula

source Ryad Dyor

Enjoy decorating and remember I can help you with online and personal advice!


 Sometimes a places carries an inner


Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

It is not often you expect a place to have this magic silence when people are queuing to get in. But that is just what happens when you enter Jardin Majorelle. You automatically temper your voice. 

Is it the saturation of the deep blue and vibrant yellow that do the trick?

I don't know, but I do know that whenever you go there, where ever you look the place open in yet another angle and more astonishing perspective. Next time i will take a book with me and do what I love most, sit down in the corner under the fig tree and pretend to read while observing the magic spell this place puts on its visitors...

all pictures image credit Coco-Morocco

Jardin Majorelle Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

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Take a Dutch - Spanish design couple, mix some 1001 nights flavor to it and magic happens!

Style-setting husband and wife duo

Alberto Cortes and Yvonne Hulst

from Ksar, living in Ibiza created this paradise that goes beyond the new wave of modern Moroccan minimalism. They managed to walk the line between Zen and Morocco. This is no easy line but yet, the result is fabulous. Giving traditional about 2,20 m wide rooms this luxurious feeling is not easy but they were successful! The house/hotel is for sale for about 1,2 million Euros and I personally think it is word every Euro.

for more info or

book a stay before you

put down an offer:


They realised to createspace in a narrow room by using rich materials and lots of tone on tones that create depth and space

Even a narrow dining area is luxurious and intimate!

simple but with class, using an old door as decoration!