Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira

Hammam or Hamam?

It was Weekend, I felt stressed and in need of some pampering. Living in Morocco the answer is very simple. Let's go


! Being in Essaouira, as in most places in this country, the choice was


that simple as the offer on hammams in all different kind of styles and price ranges is huge.

My choice was Hammam and Spa Azur. All my friends had been there and it would give me a fair level in comparing it with the newest relax and detox place in town, Cocooning.

Het was weekend, ik voelde dat mijn rug wel een ontstress moment nodig had en bovendien keek ik wel uit naar een verwenmomentje. Als je in Marokko woont is het antwoord dan heel simpel. Op naar de Hammam! Ik was in Essaouira en net zoals in de meeste Marokkaanse steden, is de keuze dan weer niet simpel daar het aanbod in alle prijsklassen en luxe niveaus overweldigend is.
Mijn keuze viel op Hammam en Spa Azur. Al mijn vrienden waren er al geweest en de mede-eigenaar Jack is een vriend. Het zou meteen een goede vergelijkingsbasis zijn met het nieuwste verwen adres, Cocooning.
Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira
Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira - bath



are among the top 5 and after having visited them both,

with Hammam and ayurvedic massage in Cocooning.

Hammam and back massage in Azur.

Here are my results!


Both are very stylish and as a former architect, I would say that Azur is a little more intimate while as Cocooning is airy and zen.



Very friendly and professional staff that is well trained and meets all your needs.

Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira - relax spacemassage room in hammam

Hammam room:


I just LOVE the hammam space in Azur.

black tadelakt

black zelliges

beautiful copper lamps


nice echo from the waterdrops coming from the ceiling.

candles .....

Hammam treatment:

Both were excellent!


Both therapists were very good.

The Ayurvedic massage was at first deep and a little painful while working on the legs but  ended calm and relaxing. Definitely, I recommend!

The back massage was fantastic! This girl has been unstressing some backs I can tell you!!!

Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira - relax space
Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira - relax space

After treatment:

At Azur spa, I got the best tea blend I ever had in Morocco! Mixed together in house. The relaxing corner by the fireplace is luxurious and glam. It was very calm and one could unwind fully. There were just some people there wich made it a great experience.

Cocooning has a stylish sleek relax area with soft music and nice perfumes. However, I did not like the fact that a loud group came in and that it was heard all over the place. It took away a big part of the relaxing vibe. The staff should be more attentive to this.

Hammam Spa Azur Essaouira - fountain in Hammam

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I could imagine what I would like to have there, but I think it is far more useful to hear what you would considder as a glamourous camping without loosing the camping and wildlife spirit. The whole complex will be designed with Sahara tents. This is Africa after all :)

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