Meet the owner:
Lets start this new monthly item on the blog with our house in Belgium.
As an architect I grew into the black - white - wood settings. They really add a relaxing vibe to a house and that is what I need. Moving to Morocco got me into a more colorful pattern one step at the time. Deep purple and aubergine velvet, Mustard yellow and golden shades for sofa's cushions. The house I share here with you was our former house in Belgium. It was an old little farm that we always kind of skipped when we were house hunting. Our profession was real Estate and architecture and somehow this house was patiently waiting for us to find it, waiting for us to  turn it into a home, an office and a bed and breakfast
But life sometimes has other plans and so we left the house into the hands of two passionate young people that continue our work, and we, we moved south to sun sea sand. Morocco is our destination where we continue our job on the real estate, architectural and export market of handcrafted items

Meet the home:
Where: Peer - Belgium
What I love:
the black - white - brown setting.
the mix and match of design - Ikea and recycled stuff, and not to forget a lot of self-made bricolage :)
the wood stove that came from our house in Holland.
the cosy winter evenings around the fire.
the summer days working at home with the windows open having the cows out in the surrounding fields.
The seasons that seemed to enter the house by the big windows and the wide open views on the countryside.