I'm not a salesman, I'm not even a sales-woman.       So why and how did I end up in Real Estate?

It must be a combination of my profound love for old buildings. Buildings with a story, a history. Or it could be my curiosity to look behind Medina doors in Morocco. It could also be my urge to make people happy. Because for me, there is nothing more fulfilling then give people a home feeling. Both in creating architecture and in searching for the 'right fit' when it comes to buying a house. 

A right fit can be finding the perfect home for a house hunter. But it also means finding the right destination and purpose for an ancient building.  Or the ideal stay in a riad when on holiday...

My heart takes a little jump when this works out. It's my passion. It's what makes me run around in the Medina. It's the trigger in all my photos and most of all it's the smile on my face when I succeed.

Succeed in making it a deal that has something in it for everyone.

Like for these two


Belgians from

Food & Friends

that invited me to Le Jardin in Marrakech. Le Jardin is not for sale, nor for hire but it's a place you don't want to miss out on when you visit Marrakech!!!

And don't forget to pass by the shop of one of the most stylish designers in Marrakech.  When I say one of the most, I mean exactly this, the area around le Jardin is loaded with stylish designer shops. From Max & Jan to the designer level at Terrace des Epices. 

So, what are you waiting for to get unique design at a H&M price?

Until we meet over a minttea!



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Becoming owner and protector of a historic property, a riad, includes for your own best, knowing as much as possible about the structural state of the building before closing the deal.
It is crucial to be aware of the condition of a property, and the tools to use to get a dream in stead of a disillusion.
My years on living here, closing deals, having seen all kinds of riads from cheap to chic while getting to understand the Moroccan market will help you to build a honest first impression and a perspective on the possibilities.
So I came up with a list on essential focus points the are ready to use when you start investigating the Moroccan Medina's to find your 1001 night magic house...
I use them myself when selecting property to get a fair picture on what it takes to realise your ultimate Medina house.
Over the coming weeks I will go a little deeper into them.
Want to know more ...stay tuned or leave your mail address here or keep an eye on the blog.

1)Invest some time in the neighbourhood.
I do not want to talk about good and bad neighbourhoods because I know it just take some trendsetters to make a 'quartier' swing to being rocking popular. And you just might be one of those creative leaders. The advantage I always saw in buying in these less attractive area's were diverse. Going from more for your money to being surrounded by creative class people that were thinking outside the box.
On the contrary, you might not at all feel the need to fit into these area's and all you would like is to have an established surrounding with like minded neighbours.
take a visit both at daytime, evening and if possible book a hotel to get the nightlife around.
You might be charmed and even more in love with your newly discovered house or you might cross that one off the list immediately.
No one else but you knows better! So listen to your own feelings.

2)What about the outside walls.
Outside walls...
They protect you, they set the borders, and they can allow you, when in good shape, to build another level. But often these walls are built over by neighbours, they have been reduced in shape over the years or...they just might be perfect.
The best spot to investigate this is at the rooftop. You get a clear view on the surrounding walls if higher and you see the marks of your own walls underneath, that would serve as foundation for an extra level.
I know it takes an expert eye but try to get as much information as possible on these walls and ownership. It might save you a lot of trouble later on.
Another point to focus on, of course, is the shape they are in. The old authentic walls often are up to 50 or 60 cm thick and cracks might be just on the surface in the first layer of bricks. Nothing to worry then, but when you see the same crack also on the inside, there 'could' be something more going on.
Everything can be solved, but it is wise to get someone else to look at it in a case like this.

Next time I will give you some more tips on looking at your dream property!
- the structure of the house
- the size of the rooms

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