It took me a while before adjusting....

Green plants and the natural stone floor create a Zen feeling in this bath corner.

The more I look around here in Morocco the more I see that a house is only a necessity for shelter against extreme weather conditions.
People cook, eat, relax and sleep outside a lot. So why not bathing?
If you think that living outside no longer involves architecture and creativity I disagree!
How much more ECO friendly you can design when it comes to using local materials to create floors, shelter and walls.

Use stone, wood , mud, and of course...lots of plants.
Look around, in every situation there are things that might inspire you.
In winter, temperature can go down to around zero in Marrakesh but people are used to cook and eat outside on the uncovered patio, dressed in warm cloths. 
I do agree, sitting out of the wind, in the sun makes it all a little more fun....

But try to figure out how you can enjoy outside to the max at your place.If Scandinavians can, and Africans can, what is your excuse not to try?

it doesn't has to be polished, just some black paint can do the trick.

lots of stones do the trick in this outside shower.

if you can't decide in or out then this is a great solution.
Scandinavians love an outdoor tub to relax and get the blood flowing!

for those romantic moments, I imagine this one makes a great center point in any garden.

And if you really can't figure out how to start, why not with a wonderful relaxing foot bath?
take a chair, get some foot salt a tub and enjoy a moment outside on the terrace or the garden

this picture inspires me to create at the glamping I am designing.

For more inspiration and the link to the pictures shown here visit my pinterest page about bathrooms.