Carpet cleaning


Every time I see a boucherouite, I can't help thinking what was going on in a woman's mind while creating the carpet.

Was she happy to create?
Was she worried because she had to keep her family warm?
Was she bored to make another carpet out of tiny pieces of fabric?
Were her dreams far beyond making these carpets being a child?

No one will ever know, but fact is that a lot of dreams, disillusions and hopes must have passed in the hours sitting , thinking and creating....
It is a passion of me to try and read the carpet. Sometimes it seems a story to be continued, and other look like a repetitive act of making small squares in wich one can relax and wander of in his mind while turning fabrics into colorfull pieces of art...

I always handle them with respect, respect for the soul of the person behind...
With every carpet we sell we help to make a dream come through 

Thank you already, everyone who helped us getting the counter ticking. We hope to hand over a nice sum at the end of this year!
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