June 13, 2018

ECO CHIC - The trend for balancing the speed of life

In our latest newsletter (which is going to go deeper into design trends in Marrakech and Africa, as of the next one) I quoted:

"Basic handcrafted tribal objects help us connect with and answer a need within us to simplify things without compromising on style and personality"....

The more hectic and borderless our lifes become, the more we seem to develop a need to create a living environment to balance all of this.

Handcrafted objects in natural colours and fibres.
Celebrating the revival of textiles with simple block prints and mud cloths, harmoniously mixed with hand knotted rugs.

Nothing is perfect and that might just be the connecting chain to each and everyone of us!
Creating our own wabi sabi interior allows us to embrace our own imperfections, the ones we errase with an app before we try to go viral.
Combining forms colours and materials to a warm, unpretentious environment that is unique, pure and imperfect at the same time is, when we look deep within, exactly how we want the world to see us...

Let's have a look.
all photos and more can be found and sourced at our pinterest board.
riad 42 Marrakech

casa cook cos
Casas Cueva Ibiza

Couleure Locale concept store

Inspired by the style? Do some sourcing in Marrakech?

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