May 29, 2018

OUT OF AFRICA - Ethnic Chic at Areias do Seixo

When Ethnic chic travels around the globe, inspiring other styles and other cultures, some beautiful interiors are created...
In this series, we will take you from time to time to one of these dream places to get inspired and maybe influence you in your shopping behaviour in the souks of Marrakech.
We start with an eco resort in Portugal. Does the word eco-resort rings a bell of hippies, goats and peace?
This place takes eco to a whole other level. Luxury and style with a high dose of Morocco!

The african masks can be found in the souks of Marrakech
Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel is the realisation of the dream of owners Marta and Gonçalo. They had a compelling desire to create a unique place where they could welcome people from the four corners of the globe in a magical yet familiar setting. They encountered many obstacles along their journey to turn this dream into a physical reality. And the result? A place of enchantment crafted from a range of resources that have been thoughtfully and painstakingly assembled to equal so much more than a simple sum of their parts. Awe-inspiring originality combined with sublime comfort. A place where time stands still. A place to pause and savour every moment, cradled by sea, dunes, and pine trees and washed by natural marine light.
copper lamps and construction wood, all at bargain prices in Marrakech
A beautiful wedding cape and some metal work tools. All Marrakech proof.
a copper lamp that you can source in the souks
an old ladder from the flea market area , a chair dressed with a handira and some pomponblankets
a simple way of hanging towels with construction woods.
Photos courtesy of Areias do Seixo

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