May 17, 2018


M Avenue, Four Seasons, Narrakech
M Avenue, scheduled to open in late 2019, is a new 500-metre-long “Garden Avenue” located in the heart of Marrakech. This unique development, which is adjacent to the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, will create a new and exciting city centre that will revitalise the city and will offer an innovative mix of properties including Four Seasons Private Residences, the Pestana CR7 hotel (the Cristiano Ronaldo hotel as we call it) shops, restaurants, cafes, offices, art galleries and exhibition venues. The vision is to become an international lifestyle destination for design, fashion, food, recreation and culture.....
And guess what! The leading Marrakech' PR Agency, Red City PR, invited me to have a peek behind the door. 
M Avenue, Four Seasons, NarrakechResidences, Hotel apartments, high end retail ambitions, restaurants, bars, wellness, offices and cultural space...This project has it all and without anything being finished, 70 % of the residences and apartments is sold.  Who wouldn't like to benefit the service of a luxury hotel in their every day life?
Enjoying a day out at the fancy restaurants or shopping uptown style at exclusive brands is only a pleasant walk away from the Medina. 
Most exciting to me is M BAB, the new cultural centre. The building and the spectacular media-enhanced scenography and mind-blowing multimedia projections of M BAB are being developed by the German and Spanish team composed by spatial media specialists TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE and Boris Micka Associates.
Of what I've seen this is going to become a mega cultural exciting hotspot in Marrakech! 
We can't wait to be updated on the progress!

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M Avenue, Four Seasons, Narrakech
A view at the four seasons resort and one of the pools to be belonging to the residences.

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