May 03, 2018

BELDI KITCHEN HOMEWARE - what to take home from Marrakech

souvenirs, souks, marrakech, pottery, kitchen, beldi

Morocco is know for its skills when it comes to handmade originals ...

Whatever you buy here, high quality or not, you can be sure about one thing! You item has been created by someone from start to finish. Often at home, sometimes in a small workshop, sometimes out on the countryside on the fields but NEVER in a factory. Every piece is unique, every piece is different from the other. Buying six pieces might end up in looking for the ones that are size wise more or less the same.

That's what makes it so valuable to me, that's also part of the excitement to find that piece or these pieces that you think match and bring harmony to your home.

There no difference when we're talking kitchen home ware! Even the new design lines share this same rare, unique and kind of raw identity. The way I hope it will stay for a long time....

Let's look at our selection!

souvenirs, souks, marrakech, pottery, kitchen, beldi
An absolute eyecatcher!
EYE catchers that impress with their simple lines and bold patterns inspired by Berber symbols.
Very exclusive and available at El Fenn!

souvenirs, souks, marrakech, pottery, kitchen, beldi
the beauty of recycled glass. Photo credit Le verre Beldi
It all started some years ago when the old beldi teaglass was taken in production again and suddenly was Uber trendy and hip. The few ateliers around Marrakech that produce the handmade, blown glasses started with designing other models. From water glasses to salad bowls, all by using recycled glass from old bottles. A very popular souvenir. By wise when you buy them because depending on where you shop prices might be a 4 or 5 fold of the local souk price.

souvenirs, souks, marrakech, pottery, kitchen, beldi
Safi pottery in black and white. Traditional motives that go from father to son.
A cheap way of decorating a sleek kitchen in your favourite colours. Safi pottery, unlike the one from Fez, is made of red clay. I love it just like this, but unfortunately it is not waterproof and needs a finishing if you want to use it for fluids.

souvenirs, souks, marrakech, pottery, kitchen, beldi
Cactus by Ch(o)uf project -photo credit Ch(o)uf project
New Beldi style for this design from Ch(o)uf Project!
New design firmly rooted in Moroccan traditions and handcrafts. Chouf Project is one of these designer brands that we like. Combining the best of the old with the best of the new.
I adore their green cactus series!

souvenirs, souks, marrakech, pottery, kitchen, beldi
The different faces of Tamegroute
no list of Beldi home ware is complete without Tamegroute. If I had to pick one item (luckily I don't) I think it would be Tamegroute! Every week I head to the North of the medina, to the little local market, filled with excitement to see what the new delivery has for surprises. Every time I go from there with some small bowls. I had so many that i decided to give a Tamegroute gift to my clients as a souvenir from their sourcing tour with me.

Of course there are many more kitchen home ware items to take home. Teapots, pottery from Fez, tiles from Fez, couscous bowls, lemon tree spoons, olive wood bread platters, bread baskets......
You can find more goodies at our pinterest board

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