May 12, 2018

HOW TO RE-USE OLD DOORS - old beauty with a new destiny

doors, marrakech, homestyling

Doors ...

If there is something that 'might' reveal what's hidden behind the walls in the medina, than it must be the door.  Often the only element exposed in the pink walls of the centre.

The magic and surprise when they open and they reveal a spacious inner garden, or a modest home.  it doesn't matter what's behind, the magic stays the same and the door often protects the ones living behind. Symbols and Moorish patterns on wood or metal. They all serve to protect and praise and...sometimes arouse our curiosity

Even after a life long service, their beauty is not in vain, and many a door has found itself a new future inside a modern home....

Let's look at our selection!

doors, marrakech, homestyling
A beautiful door found at pinterest, used as bedroom decoration.
A simple way that needs no further adapting in your home. Just pick a size that matches with the size of your bed AND your room!If you keep some space between the back wall and the door you might be able to fit in some indirect lighting.

doors, marrakech, homestyling
another example found on Pinterest
There is nothing more easy and flexible to add some style and glam to your place! Easy and multifunctional. You might hide some visible plumbing or damaged walls behind it...

doors, marrakech, homestyling
Zoco Home dresses a living room with an old door used as coffee table!
A very popular way and a centre piece! Zoco Home uses this old door as a coffee table. You might want to get an even surface and some protection by putting a glass on top, but I prefer it this way!

doors, marrakech, homestyling
a pinterest example on how to create a room divider with a door
Use it in any room to create different zones. Like here to give an intimate character to a bath tub!

doors, marrakech, homestyling
A typical Moroccan door within a door. Opening just the small part for every day use to keep the heat out - or in

doors, marrakech, homestyling
This beautiful door is decorated all over with the hand of Fatima. Bringing good luck and protection.
doors, marrakech, homestyling
Old wood and old nails, giving this door its character

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