March 11, 2018

DJEANN MARRAKECH - a story about life after the jeans

Marrakech Shopping tour
There is life after jeans, called DJEANN

When solidarity and recycling become MUST HAVE objects for your interior

Also thinking that solidarity and recycling is nice, but really not something you could imagine fitting into you trendy condo with river view?
Think again!
This shop is worth an article on its own when talking trendy concept stores in Marrakech.
Djean was founded in 2012 by Anne Bénedicte Vincent.
Rugs that are inspired by the famous boucharouite rugs, but taken to a next level when it comes to finishing and handcraft.
But traditions are there to be cherished! Djeann works with Berber women, who are working from their homes, in between their daily tasks of running a family. The way the women like it here!
Talking girlpower and flexibility here people!

Jeans, old jeans were the start of the concept, but certainly not the finish. Upcycling and natural fabrics are re-invented in so many ways and all of the same high quality. A must visit on your Marrakech Shopping tour!
Marrakech Shopping tour
Marrakech Shopping tour
Marrakech Shopping tour
Marrakech Shopping tour

DJEANN - Rue Principale Sidi Ghanem 40 110 Marrakech

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