March 16, 2018

A TRIBAL CHIC APARTMENT - our FaceBook topic this week

ethnic, tribal, chic, urban
A fantasy in Tribal Chic

Live the Tribal chic look!

Tribal chic is hotter than ever and with our global need for more 'HYGGE and LAGOM', this trend is the answer to both. Soft and natural to be enough hygge and not to perfect or 'too' of anything for that matter to be the answer to lagom!

Having lived in Scandinavia I grew into both meanings while decorating. Make it warm and cosy but don't overdo could be good explanation when designing with these two words in mind.

And here is the answer!  
Tribal chic! 
It's all about the simple life where less is more. Soft colours and simple, all natural materials.
Tribes use what they find around the house to create!
When I stumbled upon this apartment by Li Jun Chen & aTng 糖 on Home Designing I couldn't stop trying to imagine myself walking around in this zen open plan space. I als admit that it this is a design concept and would be hardly livable. But designers can dream and we can dream along with them, don't we?

If you want to see more photos, and even another stylish tribal chic design, follow the link here.
If you want to see some of our tribal goods from Marrakech, we have a sale on some goodies this weekend at our FB page, all shipping from Europe.

all picture credits Li Jun Chen & aTng 糖

ethnic, tribal, chic, urban
ethnic, tribal, chic, urban
ethnic, tribal, chic, urban
ethnic, tribal, chic, urban
ethnic, tribal, chic, urban

Discover tribal chic in Marrakech!

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