February 14, 2018

5 PERFUMES FROM MARRAKECH - Exclusive scents, not only for Valentine.

perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
be exclusive with an excotic perfume made in Marrakech

I have a new love! It's called Amman and it's a girlpower proof perfume. 

One of the unisex scents from Héritage Berbère. I often get the question where to buy good and exclusive perfumes to take home and keep the souvenirs from exotic and intoxicating Marrakech alive, long after you returned home.
Valentine is the perfect day to come with my top 5 but any day is a good one to shop it!
Here are my 5 favourite addresses to buy your signature scent!


perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
the latest fragrances for her and him from Héritage Berbère

I did use to think that the women's scents were too sweet for me. No longer with their new line of 5 unisex scents that have a spicy note that lasts a day.  For women that secretly used to spray their partner's Cedar or Sandalwood perfumes.

Héritage Berbère - Villa Dar Sabah (opposite 33 Rue Majorelle) 40000 Marrakech


perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
Atelier 44 is much more than perfumes, but the ones they have are not to be missed!

Perfumes from Maison d'Asa. Maison d’Asa is a Spa concept that tells the story of a journey at the heart of the Orient with its hospitable culture and its traditional beauty recipes. A journey that starts in Morocco and ends in Siam, while passing through Tunisia and flying over India, Bali, and so on…

Atelier 44 - 44 Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad, 40 000 Marrkech


perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
without doubt, the leading brand in the hotel scene

Although Les Sens de Marrakech dates back to 2003, their perfume line with 7 fragrances for men and women was created in 2012. Their home scent of 'fleur d'oranger' is absolutely divine. close your eyes and imagine Marrakech in Spring, with the scent of thousands of blossoming orange trees....

Les Sens de Marrakech - 17 Sidi Ghanem 40110 Marrakech


perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
One of the reasons to head over to l'orientaliste is their perfumes!

Describing l'Orientaliste in one of the eldest streets of the old French Quartier is tricky. The shop is a mix and match on arts and artifacts. It's not really my kind of thing, but their perfumes convince me to pass their little wonderland every time again.

l'Orientaliste - 11 et 15 Rue de la Liberté 40 000 Marrakech


perfumes, parfums, marrakech, valentine
Try them all out at the showroom close to 33 Rue Majorelle.

Master perfumer Benchabaane creates scents that are deeply related to Morocco and Moroccan flora and nature. Every perfume is a travel into the Moroccan countryside. The story of creating perfumes began in 2002 with a perfume designed for YSL and the Majorelle Gardens. His most famous one must be Soir de Marrakech. Me, I'm a big fan of his Huile Précieuse a semi-dry body oil that leaves you with a magical scent of amber, rose, verbena and orange blossom.

Benchabaâne - Rue YSL 40 000 Marrakech (a little further than 33 Rue Majorelle)

Make sure you shop where it matters!

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