December 22, 2017


A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

Today is Guéliz' day because we love that city district! It's all about that little French touch that we love so much. About art, design and style.
Guéliz ( the name comes from the French word Église, meaning church ) is along the big Avenue Mohamed V. When the weather is sunny but not too hot, it's a nice walk from the Médina all the way there. But remember you'll have some shopping to do and you might want to consider a taxi.

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A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

09:00 breakfast at the hotel.

10:30 We start at Le Musée YSL to set the topic of today! 'STYLE' (closed on Wednesdays!)
A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

At about 11.30 We make time for that other gem, the carpet store of Soufiane Zarib. After this we head to Majorelle 33, a concept store packed with Moroccan design and adding new items every week. Today we ignore the Majorelle Garden as these are so much more beautiful on a bright and sunny morning. .  (if possible already around 9a.m.) When you do so, please take some extra time to visit all the other quality design stores that are all located around Rue Yves Saint Laurent.
A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

Cite Fouque
cité Fouqué picture source unknow

14.00 If you are a lover of architecture, and especially art-deco architecture, then you would love to take a walk after lunch through the old part of Guéliz. You will discover some real beautiful architecture there! Don't miss Cite Fouquè, one of the few, if not the only untouched street of old Guéliz.
A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

15.00 We explore Guéliz and have some serious shopping to do! beautiful designer stores, gallery's, tea and coffee houses...central street is Rue de La Liberté on both sides of Mohamed V and you can wander off quite far discovering yet another trendy little boutique.

My Favourite addresses? Soon in 'The little Blackbook - Marrakech'

18.30 Apero at le 68 Bar à Vin. This trendy spot is located on Rue de La Liberté!

20.00 Let's go La Poste! Grand café de la Poste is an option for me at any given moment a day! But the real art-deco, colonial spirit it reveals a night. Soft jazz Music, candle light, good service and good food. We said STYLE was our theme, no?
A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

Make sure you shop where it matters!

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