December 28, 2017


Volubilis, morocco, contemporary architecture

Volubilis, a Roman Empire. So close to my heart as I grew up in Tongeren, at about 20 km of Maastricht and Liège. All Roman empire cities that show so much resemblance in their overall urban development. I'm delighted to see the approach, also here in Africa, to create a subtle contrast with new architecture.
Glomo (global and Moroccan) Architect team Oualasou + Choi, have experience in mixing cultures. Have a look at their impressive portfolio! This also reflects in this visitors center in Volubilis

December 27, 2017


Holiday season decorationat Royal Mansour Marrakech

Of all hotels in Marrakech, the Royal Mansour has that little (or big) something!  When the Royal Family visits Marrakech, the entire hotel is at their disposal. And on other days, it's just for all of us! Making us feel somewhat like a princess! If that's not a reason to book...

December 22, 2017


A marrakech shopping tour - Guéliz

Today is Guéliz' day because we love that city district! It's all about that little French touch that we love so much. About art, design and style.
Guéliz ( the name comes from the French word Église, meaning church ) is along the big Avenue Mohamed V. When the weather is sunny but not too hot, it's a nice walk from the Médina all the way there. But remember you'll have some shopping to do and you might want to consider a taxi.

December 16, 2017

DIRTY EARTH TONES - 5 things to add and create the look

pottery, morocco,
Tamegroute pottery at my favourite shop

From an old farm house renovation where old inscriptions were treasured, to factory lofts where rusty lines on a brick wall dress the place and turn into art...

the beauty in what was once a happening in life. Time turns everything into beauty. It's up to you to discover it.

Here some inspiration on ethnic treasures from the souks and some that inspired me to create a look with earth tones and what to add to it.


December 15, 2017

HISTOIRE DE FILLES - a beautiful collection

fashion, moroccan design, moroccan hipster, anaouras, choukrane
Today, while I was patiently waiting to show the new collection of our Essaouira women's cooperative Anaouras at Histoire de Fille, I had some time to soak up the beautiful design they have!

December 14, 2017


rain route Marrakech
photographer unknow, styling by coco-morocco

What an unpleasant surprise when you are visiting a city that almost always enjoys sunshine. Fortunately, there is more than enough to escape to and if you are lucky, you picked a riad that you want to enjoy with a good book and some mint tea...
In case you want to hit town, follow me!

December 12, 2017

5 BOOKS ABOUT MOROCCO to add to your Santa list

Books, Morocco, Marrakech, Santa

Hello dear readers,
it's been a while! Winter came, also to Marrakech, and with the cold from the High Atlas and the first snow on the Mountain tops ( how I love that view) came also a flue that kept me in bed for almost two weeks.

Time for me to think and make my wish list for Santa!

Books... I was able to sell my precious collection of designer objects when I moved with one container to Morocco but ' NOT WITHOUT MY BOOKS'
I know, I don't have space for this whole library, but i have the pleasure of diving into these boxes every now and then and see a book i had almost forgotten about. Then it's time to showcase it for a while and spend some cosy evening looking at pictures, pleasing the soul...

so, if you happen to know another bibliophile that happens to love is my top 5 on books to make him or her happy!